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Ergonomic Workstation Design: Improving Health and Productivity in the Office

Jan 02, 2024

Creating an ergonomic workstation can improve employee production and satisfaction, read on for the key workspace elements you simply can’t overlook.

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Tips To Keep Everyone In The Office Motivated


May 06, 2019

Office managers in every industry struggle with motivating their employees. To their benefit, there are thousands of ways to motivate a workforce to achieve more on a daily basis. The hard part is finding the right tactics to employ! So, …

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6 Ergonomic Tips for Your Office Workstations

office desk

Mar 29, 2017

Many people spend a significant part of their day sitting down at a computer. Although it’s common to have a sedentary lifestyle at the office, the position of the workstation and the computer can lead to different health effects over …

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Improve Company Morale With Quality Furniture

two people standing

Mar 16, 2017

Enhance Productivity With Strong Company Morale Does your enterprise enjoy strong company morale? Today a growing number of businesses in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic appreciate the power of a great office design firm to help boost productivity by helping create …

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Office Design and Ergonomics


Aug 18, 2016

The offices of today are more dynamic and complex than they used to be. Office spaces always evolve in direct response to the needs of customers, employees, and technology. The design and ergonomics of your office space say a lot …

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The Importance Of Purchasing Office Furniture With Great Ergonomics

Extra Office Interiors

Jun 29, 2015

There are still quite a few business owners and employees who don’t realize the importance of their Business Furniture in NJ. This is, of course until they are forced to sit at their desk, in the same chair, eight hours …

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