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The offices of today are more dynamic and complex than they used to be. Office spaces always evolve in direct response to the needs of customers, employees, and technology. The design and ergonomics of your office space say a lot about not only your company but also how well your employees perform. At Extra Office Interiors, we understand this, which is why we offer a wide range of products and services for commercial office workstations that focus on improving these two workspace elements.

Understanding Workplace Ergonomics
To truly understand how workplace ergonomics affect your employees’ productivity, you have to understand office ergonomics itself. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health defines office ergonomics as the pursuit of design that fits the needs and capabilities of your workforce. By focusing on ergonomics and design, you can enhance performance in the workplace. Without it, it’s hard for a company to achieve any kind of long-term success. Ergonomics not only improves productivity but also protects the health of your employees.

Ergonomic-Related Injuries
It can be hard to pinpoint ergonomic-related injuries in the workplace because they don’t just happen overnight. It’s something that builds over time. Ergonomic injuries are typically described as soft-tissue injuries or musculoskeletal disorders. These types of injuries typically affect:

● blood vessels
● cartilage
● joints
● ligaments
● muscles
● nerves
● tendons
● spinal discs

Brief exposure to workplace-related risks isn’t going to cause these problems. Prolonged exposure to these issues, however, can cause physical harm to the body. In some cases, the harm is so great that it can keep your employees out of work while they heal. The best way to avoid this is to address ergonomic issues before they become a problem.

Preventing Ergonomic-Related Injuries
The key to preventing ergonomic-related injuries is to identify key elements of the workplace that cause physical harm to the body over time. According to WebMD, one of the most common causes of ergonomic-related injuries is chairs. It’s important to choose commercial office furniture that naturally supports the curves of the spine. A good example of this is the task and conference seating products we offer at Extra Office Interiors. These chairs are designed with good posture in mind, which reduces ergonomic-related injuries while still providing an attractive style for your office.

Studies also show that employees benefit from having smaller desks or tables that don’t require them to reach far for things such as telephones, keyboards, and computer mice. If an employee has to reach far for an object, it’s recommended they stand up to reach it to avoid injury. Footrests are another example of an item that can keep you from suffering ergonomic injuries. When using a footrest while sitting in a chair, elevates your knees above your hips, which relieves the pressure put on your hips when you sit for extended periods of time.

At Extra Office Interiors, we take the design of your office seriously. If you need help designing your office to be more ergonomic, we provide office design services as well as ergonomically designed commercial business furniture that will help keep your employees happy and healthy.

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