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Architectural Products that Support Environmental Sustainability

Construction debris now represents more than 30% of the landfill by volume and this amount is increasing at an alarming rate. Architects and designers were among the first to express their concerns about wasteful industry practices, and promote the benefit of designing and implementing environmentally sustainable space.

Architectural products and office furniture have come a long way in this regard spawning an entire industry for modular architectural interiors. Unfortunately, these products are very expensive and the prospect of designing “Environmentally Friendly” spaces that fall within most client budgets can be a challenge.

In response to this important challenge, EOI has embraced a new concept called “collaborative consumption.” The foundation of our program is the sustainable turnkey approach to office interiors. Our movable walls, glass, systems furniture, flooring, and plug-and-play cabling can be easily “ re-purposed” for the next tenant at a fraction of the cost of conventional construction.

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