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Commercial Office Furniture Systems

Commercial office furniture is the type of necessity businesses must offer a lot of consideration. It’s not only a matter of aesthetics and making the office look pleasant. The right office furniture systems can help support the business’s activities, from increasing the comfort of the staff members to ensuring the space at hand is properly leveraged.

At Extra Office Interiors, we specialize in assisting businesses to make the right choices when it comes to commercial office furniture. Our high-end and technologically advanced furniture systems are designed to help your office get maximum comfort and support productivity goals, but we also offer more cost-effective solutions that will still be a far cry from mass-produced commercial office furniture.

Panel Based Workstations

Panel Based Office Workstations

Open Plan Workstations

Open Plan Office Workstations NJ & NYC

Private Offices

Private Office Furniture NJ & New York

Guest and Multipurpose Seating

Guest & Multipurpose Seating Furniture Design

Conference Rooms

Conference Room Furniture


Lounge/Lobby Furniture Design New Jersey & NYC

Task and Conference Room Seating

Task & Conference Room Seating Furniture

Architectural Glass Walls

Architectural Glass Office Walls

Why Is Our Furniture Different?

It’s not just about the commercial office furniture. Our years of experience in the business have proven, time and time again, that for office furniture to truly support business activities, it’s essential to work diligently with the clients throughout the entire process.

In other words, we personalize our office furniture systems around the specific needs of each client, from the size and shape of the working space, aesthetic vision, special considerations for staff, and more.

Our office furniture systems include:
• Panel Based Workstations
• Open Plan Workstations
• Private Offices
• Conference Rooms
• Lounge/Lobby Areas
• Task and Conference Room Seating
• Guest and Multipurpose Seating
• Architectural Glass Walls

Why Work with Extra Office Interiors?

Our high-quality, comfortable, and efficient office furniture systems are exactly what any business needs to ensure their workspace supports their goals, their staff feels comfortable, and partners and clients are greeted with a professional and aesthetically pleasing place.

We are committed to helping you make the best office furniture choices and are happy to be a part of the entire process. Along with the furniture, we provide office space interior design, and office furniture delivery and installation, making us more than just an office furniture provider.

If you have more questions about our services, contact us today.

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