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Office Lobby and Lounge Furniture

  • Office Lounge Furniture - OFS Rift Tables

    OFS Rift Tables

  • Office Lounge Chairs - LOE Focalpoint

    LOE Focalpoint

  • Office Lobby Sofa - LOE Cubic

    LOE Cubic

  • Office Lobby Furniture - LOE Banda 1

    LOE Banda 1

  • Office Lounge/Lobby Furniture - CBF Retrospect Modular

    CBF Retrospect Modular

  • Office Waiting Room Furniture - CBF Commons Modular

    CBF Commons Modular

  • Furniture Design for Office Lounge - CBF Basil Modular

    CBF Basil Modular

  • Office Lounge Design - Sirina Global

    Sirina Global

  • Furniture Design for Office Lobby - LOE Banda 3

    LOE Banda 3

  • Furniture for Office Lobby - LOE Tangent 4

    LOE Tangent 4

  • Interior Design for Office Lounge - CBF Retrospect Modular 5

    CBF Retrospect Modular 5

  • Sofa for Office Lounge - Wind Linear

    Wind Linear

  • Sofa for Office Lobby - Citi Global

    Citi Global

Your corporate image is conveyed by the impression someone gets when they first walk through the door and into your office environment. In fact, this area may very well be the most important space for attracting new clients, customers and employees. Not only should reception area furniture be functional, but the furniture should also reflect your brand and your personality. Our team will collaborate with you to create reception area designs based on your choice of office reception area desks, lounge seating or reception room chairs, reception area tables and accessories designed to make your space elegant and sophisticated.

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