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  • Private Office Furniture - 3H Create

    3H Create

  • Private Office Furniture - First Office Pulse 7

    First Office Pulse-7

  • Private Office Furniture - First Office Stacks 2

    First Office Stacks 2

  • Private Office Furniture - Friant Dash 1

    Friant Dash 1

  • Private Office Furniture - OFS Impulse 1

    OFS Impulse 1

  • Private Office Furniture - 3H Create 1

    3H Create 1

  • Office Furniture Design - OFS Impulse 2

    OFS Impulse 2

  • Furniture Design for Private Offices - Amber 5

    Amber 5

  • Furniture Design for Office - OFS Impulse wr17

    OFS Impulse wr17

  • Office Furnishings - OFS Impulse wr21

    OFS Impulse wr21

  • Interior Furniture Design for Office - Princeton


  • Interior Furniture Design for Private Office - Staks Office 5

    Staks Office 5

Items such as desks, credenzas, and files combine to build the foundation of furnishings in the private office. It is important that the furniture be optimized for the individual – we know the importance one’s workspace has in daily routines, efficiencies and overall job satisfaction. Utilizing the appropriate pieces in the correct arrangement can create a workspace that offers style, flexiblity, and durability.

We offer a vast collection of elegant and sophisticated office furnishings that meet high-end corporate standards at very affordable prices. Our collections can match any style and design, and range from traditional to contemporary. We have a tremendous selection of finishes, design options and functional solutions for the demands of today’s office environments.

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