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Best Office Workstation Plans: 5 Key Elements to Consider

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The best office workstation plans involve more than just a desk and a computer. An ideal workstation layout should be customized to the needs of your team and your brand. Not only should it be a visual representation of your brand’s values, but it should be a space which boosts productivity and supports the many business activities that need to occur on a regular basis.

Not only can the right workstation layout improve the productivity and efficiency of your staff, but it can also play a role in employee satisfaction and retention. As remote work becomes a more popular option, providing an appealing and comfortable workspace becomes a bigger priority for many businesses.

Regardless of your company size and the design of your existing work environment, it’s always possible to expand your office layout possibilities and provide a more functional and vibrant workstation. To begin, take some time to plan out a workstation design that’s right for your business needs. At Extra Office Interiors, we’re experienced in helping businesses throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic to create the perfect spaces that support their operations. If your business is located in New York, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania, our team can help you with office solutions that are designed around your needs, budget, and preferences.

Assess Your Workspace Needs

Before you invest in a new workstation, it’s important to thoroughly evaluate your current office space and your needs. Understanding the specifics of your business’s workflow will help guide the workplace design and layout.

The next step is to obtain space utilization data, which audits the space you have and the workforce it needs to accommodate. For instance, what percentage of your staff is in the office on any given day? Is hotdesking part of your work environment? Is there a hybrid work model? What type of group or communal seating areas does your business need? What technological considerations need to be added into your plans?

While it’s important to try to utilize your space to its full capacity, you also want to make sure open spaces are taken into consideration, because these can elevate a space and make it feel more modern and uncluttered.

Conducting an employee survey or feedback audit can highlight gaps in your current office, which can help you to make sure you’ve addressed employee needs in your new layout. Finally, you’ll want to factor in the growth of your business and its future outlook when designing your workstations. No business wants to stand still and that means it’s a good idea to plan ahead to accommodate growth before it happens.


Flexibility and Collaboration

Flexibility is a keyword that has become more of a focus in modern office design. As employees are not tied to desktop computers like they were a decade or so ago, more options have opened up for workstation design. Data shows that when workers have more flexible environments, they are more productive and satisfied with their time in the office.

Incorporating flexibility into your design can be achieved by the addition of modular furniture that employees can use in multiple ways, such as desks that can be modified into collaboration tables. You’ll want to decide at this stage whether you’ll utilize cubicles, open-air workstations or glass partitions for greater segmentation.


Prioritizing Well-being

No one wants to come to an office that makes them feel bad. Which is why it’s essential to prioritize wellness in your office plans. No, this doesn’t mean adding a day spa to a spare office! In fact, there are far more simple and practical ways to support employee well-being that are both cost-effective and long-lasting.

For instance, lighting plays a role in everything from eye health to headache prevention. You can improve your space’s lighting by incorporating more natural light where possible and eliminating harsh lighting like fluorescent lights which can cause eye strain. LED lighting is both more efficient and more supportive than harsh fluorescent lights.

In addition, you can support your team’s productivity by choosing ergonomic furniture that prevents back and neck strain and allows staff to feel comfortable throughout the work day. You can also ensure a healthy workplace environment by making certain that the space’s air quality is optimal for staff. This can be accomplished by simply adding in a purifier or humidifier for dry air issues.

You don’t need to dedicate space for a yoga room or rec center. By just focusing on the basics, such as lighting, air quality and supportive furniture, you’ll be well on your way to improving employee satisfaction of the workspace.


Integrating Technology

We all know technology can make our lives easier and office workstation designs should take full advantage of these capabilities. Whether it’s smart lighting, soundproof privacy pods, or whiteboard technology, a well-equipped workplace with modern tech allows your team to do more in short time frames. While making your office workstation plans, it’s a good idea to factor in the basics, such as incorporating sufficient power outlets and making certain internet connectivity is strong and reliable.


Reflecting Brand Identity

Your new office layout is an opportunity to reinforce your company’s mission and goals.

Think about the way the Googleplex highlights Google as a fun and vibrant workplace. Or, consider how the pet-sitting startup Rover boosts its brand with its pet-friendly headquarters. Although you don’t need to create an architectural wonder in the hills of Silicon Valley, your office does give you a great opportunity to further brand your business and express the aesthetics of your company.

A professional designer can help you express your brand through color choice, furniture style and other creative interior elements. This can help to create a work environment that impresses potential employees and prospective clients. By taking your workstation plans beyond the convention expectations of a standard office, you can set your brand apart from the competition.


Achieve the Best Office Workstation Plans with the Help of a Professional Designer 

Extra Office Interiors helps businesses every day to work smarter and more efficiently with a design that supports each company’s unique business needs. If your business is located in the Mid-Atlantic region, particularly based in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, Extra Office Interiors can help you design the right office environment for your business. From choosing the right office furniture to employing the latest technology, Extra Office Interiors has the solutions to create the most effective and efficient workspace for your brand.

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