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Tips to Improve Office Productivity in 2019

If you run or manage an office and would like to improve your profitability, look for ways to increase the productivity of your team. Increasing the speed at which your employees complete tasks adds up over time and improves your bottom line. Follow these tips to find out how to get the ball moving.

Start the Day Off Right
The things you do when you arrive at work set the pace for the rest of the day. Give yourself a few minutes to mentally prepare and plan the tasks you need to complete, and then dive into your first project. When you begin your workday, dedicate the first hour to getting as much done as possible. Give the same advice to your team and watch the productivity begin to rise.

Minimize Clutter
Many people work at a cluttered and disorganized desk that has pens, folders, and papers scattered on the surface. It’s important you realize that working in a cluttered environment affects your focus and ability to process information. Not addressing the issue can reduce performance and harm your company more than you might think, so don’t fall into the trap. Make sure your desk is clean and organized, and you will get much more done each day. Speak with your team and let them know they must keep their work areas free of clutter.

Take Breaks
To perform at their best, some people try to make it through the entire day without any breaks. This idea seems to make sense on the surface, but taking a closer look is vital if you want to make the smart move for your office. Most people who refuse to take breaks get less work done than those who take adequate breaks throughout the day. Give yourself a five-minute break every hour and a 30-minute break every four hours. To help your team enjoy the rewards, let them know about the new break policy. If you need a rest area that allows your team to unwind, consider getting some appropriate lounge office furniture.

Use Panel-Based Workstations
If you want your team to do as much work as possible each day, make sure they are free from distractions. Hearing other people’s conversations is just one of the things that can steal attention away from the task at hand. Luckily, you can get furniture to set up your office for optimal performance. Panel-based workstations give your employees privacy but still let them communicate if they need to collaborate on a project, giving you the best of both worlds.

Final Thoughts
The tips in this guide might not seem like much at first, but they will work wonders to increase your productivity and enhance your bottom line. Your clients will be pleased to see the difference in your work, and your team will be proud of what they have achieved. Using a proven process and investing in the right office furniture for your situation are great steps along the correct path.

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