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How to Know When Your Workplace is in Need of a Makeover

The quality and appearance of your workplace determine how comfortable you feel spending time in the office. You may be surrounded by old decor or styles that can affect your productivity or mood. When you want to know when your workplace is in need of a makeover, there are a few signs to look for.


You may have wallpaper from the ’80s that is still on the walls of the office, which can make you feel like you’re living in a different time period. Replace outdated wallpaper or paint colors with modern shades that are neutral and work as the canvas for the decor that is used.

Contemporary wallpaper can also be used on accent walls or in the bathrooms of the office to add a pop of detail that makes the space look professionally designed.

Old Appliances

Outdated appliances in the break room can be difficult to operate or noisy when they run. From the refrigerator to the coffee maker, there are many products that may break down or look dingy due to their old age. You’ll need to update the appliances to transform the look of the space and use energy-efficient products that will reduce the carbon footprint of the office.

To create a more functional environment, an updated printer, fax machine, and other supplies could be also necessary.

Outdated Furniture Pieces

If you have an old couch in the waiting area or desks that have coffee rings on the wood, it’s time to update your office furniture. Purchase commercial business furniture that looks high-end and sleek to create a more professional workplace. You’ll make an impression on your clients and partners by welcoming them into a space that looks contemporary.

Cramped Quarters

It can be easy to feel cramped and with a lack of space if your office furniture is bulky and outdated. You may need to purchase new furniture that is compact and fits better in the setting. You can use an L-shaped desk that has plenty of room on the surface but can remain against the wall to free up space in the middle of the office.

Furniture that has storage space for office supplies and documents will also create a more streamlined workplace that looks organized.

Poor Ergonomics

It can be easy to suffer from back or neck pain as you spend time working in the same position. The chair that you sit in and the position of your computer may be contributing to your discomfort if you don’t have proper posture and support. It may be time to update your office chair with a product that allows the spine to curve naturally and can be adjusted to have your eyes at screen level.

From ‘80s wallpaper to cramped spaces, taking the steps to makeover your workplace will create a fun and productive environment for everyone.

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