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The Thin Line Between a Decorated Workspace and a Cluttered One


In a recent study done by researchers at the University of Michigan, it was shown that a messy workspace caused a person to be perceived by others as having a "neurotic and less agreeable" personality. But what was the most interesting about their findings was that the only difference in the test spaces that were used to conduct the study was the way that they were decorated. This information is highly valuable for companies because it demonstrates the importance of maintaining a balance between designing a workspace and allowing an office building to become full of unneeded accessories, old furniture, and other types of clutter. To prevent this type of situation from happening, we suggest the following solutions:

Streamline Your Office Furniture

Mismatched office furniture that looks like it was made decades ago will instantly cause a room to seem outdated and messy to both clients and employees. In the long-run, this can end up reducing productivity because no one will enjoy spending time in the space. The best solution for this is to replace the old items with commercial office furniture from Extra Office. All of our desks, tables, and chairs work great when they are set up in workstations, lounges, and conference rooms.

Choose Your Accessories Carefully

The main purpose of accessories is to accentuate the beauty of the existing furniture in a room. So it is very important that the pieces that are chosen are not too large or too overpowering. This can cause a distraction that is not great for the workplace.

Keep Things Tidy With Cabinets and Shelving

The old idea that a messy desk is a sign that a person is creative and productive simply isn’t true. When others look at piles of papers, stacks of files, and boxes of mail, all they see is chaos. That is why it is essential that every office has plenty of cabinets and shelving to store items in a neat and orderly way. Those who have a large number of employees may want to consider setting up an entirely separate filing room too.

Organize Areas Based on Their Function

An area will appear to be less cluttered if there is an obvious flow to the way that the commercial business furniture and accessories are placed. For example, in a conference room, a large table and chairs should be the main focal point. Then, a table could be set to the side of the room to hold a few charming items that are related to what the main purpose of the business is. And lastly, add a tall plant in an available corner and a few inspiring photos on the wall but for consistency make sure that the pictures all have matching frames.

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