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Organize Your Office Workstation for Comfort & Efficiency

Here at Extra Office, we are professionals in office interior design, business office project management, and commercial office furniture so we understand the importance of organization better than anyone. An organized, comfortable workstation is key to having a productive day at work. A clean and orderly desk is important for a number of reasons. Research tells us that it makes workers appear more competent in the eyes of their superiors and organized workers are more likely to be promoted. A structured space also makes it easier for workers to maintain focus. But saying organization is important is one thing, achieving an organized office cubicle is quite another. How can this be done? There are a few simple steps everyone can take to have a well-arranged workspace.
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Start Fresh With Each Project
When you take on a new project, clean off your desk. Shred old documents from prior projects that are no longer needed. Give yourself a fresh canvas to work with. This will help you to maintain focus on the project at hand.
Commercial office furniture is designed so that you can file things with ease, keeping them close at hand without them being on the desk. By making the most of filing cabinets, desk return units, and other furnishings, it is easy to clear a space to use as a fresh canvas.

Sort, Sort, Sort
Even while you are in the midst of one project, keep sorting through documents to keep your desk organized. Ask whether you need all the documents you accumulate. Organize things into shred, file, or current work piles. This will enhance your productivity, and help you continue to be efficient.

Arrange Essential Tools
Although you don’t want clutter on your desk, some things that you use every day should have a permanent home there. If you are an administrative assistant, your stapler and hole punch should always be within reach. But other tools may be better off in a drawer or supply room. Making more space in the workstation can also help you to become and stay more productive.

Add Personal Touches
Office workstations can become impersonal. Having a few personal touches in your workstation can help you to stay motivated. Pictures of pets or children can remind you what you are working for during difficult times and hard projects. It is important to have a moment or two to focus on why we all work so hard every day.

Make Sure You Have a Great Foundation
Being organized will be much easier if you start with a workstation that is built with efficiency and comfort in mind. Our furniture means business! Contact us today for help with office cubicles and other commercial business furniture. We are experts at Commercial Business Office Furniture, Design & Installation in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.
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