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How To Make Your Desk Feel Like Home


During your working years, you are probably spending a third of each work day at the office. Whether you are working in a cubicle, at a single desk, or in your own office, you will want to make the space truly yours. By making office interiors feel as much like home as possible, you will feel inspired to come to work each day and may even be more motivated to get your work done.

Keep It Comfortable

Hygge is an up-and-coming design tactic that came from Scandinavia and is now being embraced in many locations. It refers to a sense of cozy comfort that immediately welcomes you. Add some soft elements to your work space, such as a rug beneath your desk or a thick knit blanket on the back of your chair.

Make It Reflect You

Even if you have an open floor plan office design, do not be afraid to let your space reflect your personality. Instead of keeping your desk sterile and blank, add design elements that show others who you are. Pick your favorite colors and styles and bring them out in a desk lamp, a small picture, your mousepad, or your pencil holder.

Keep It Organized

No matter where you work, organized office designs can decrease your stress and boost productivity. In fact, a Harvard study showed that students who were exposed to a tidy workspace spent more time brainstorming on problems than students who had been exposed to cluttered areas. Invest in some organizational tools for your desktop and drawers, such as drawer dividers, mesh paper organizers, and planners.

Bring in Color and Life

Your office furniture will feel more home-like when you differentiate it from those around you. Try adding color for a breath of life. A simple, healthful way to do this, is with live plants that help clean your air. You can also use color in your pictures, with an upholstered chair, or in your desktop organizers.

Add Pictures

Hanging pictures of family, friends, and favorite locations can remind you why and for whom you work. You can also create a gallery wall of still life and photographic art that brings in your favorite colors, textures, and styles. A gallery wall takes a neutral wall in your office and makes it yours. Remember to use removable wall strips to avoid damaging paint.

Choose Non-Matching Elements

Many communal office spaces can look boring with all matching desks and chairs. Consider adding elements that do not quite match in the traditional way. Our open-plan office furniture can be mixed and matched to create a unique but cohesive look.

You already spend plenty of time at the office each day, you might as well make your time there as pleasant and home-like as possible. Do not be afraid to personalize your space as much as your office manager will allow. You may be surprised at how your revamped space will inspire your daily work!

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