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How Office Furniture Affect Productivity in the Workplace

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Dull, colorless walls, cramped workspaces, and stiff chairs without padding not only make an office space look inferior, it makes the people within the space feel inferior as well. Some people spend more time in the workplace than they do in their homes, yet they hardly have the same luxuries. This means that many Americans spend their days in places that are uncomfortable and unwelcoming, which can have a direct result on productivity. Here at Extra Office, we have the resources to fight this decline in motivation and productivity. We understand how office furniture affects productivity and that’s why we provide office design solutions, along with office furniture financing so you can afford to improve your workplace!

Each piece of office furniture plays a role in boosting productivity. Workplaces certainly don’t have to replace all of their furniture at once, but more companies are taking steps toward updating boring and drab furniture with stylish, modern pieces. It’s a small price to pay for a happier and more successful work environment, don’t you think?

Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways that quality office furniture can improve productivity in the workplace.

Storage solutions keep employees organized.

There’s nothing worse than working through piles of clutter while on the job. This disorganization can lead to frustration, lost productivity, and difficulty completing tasks. In fact, one study found that employees spend an average of 4.3 hours a week searching for documents. The proper office furniture can keep important files and documents managed and organized. Employees can better meet deadlines, be prepared for meetings, and answer phone calls efficiently.

Comfortable, ergonomic furniture reduces pain and discomfort.

Low back pain is the single leading cause of disability worldwide, and it’s one of the most common reasons for missed work, according to the American Chiropractic Association. Obviously, you can’t keep production rates up if someone is always out of the office. Ergonomic furniture reduces pain and injury, plus makes employees more likely to come to work because they know they will be comfortable.

Open Plan Desking systems allow employees to communicate with one another.

During team meetings and other collaborative projects, it’s important that all team members work together and feel like equal parts of the team. Desking and benching systems facilitate communication and harmony, leading to faster completion times – and far less headache.

The right furniture can segment the office accordingly.

If the workplace feels like a giant free-for-all with no direction or designation, furniture can help with this. The right desks, cubicles, and dividers create space for each department so that it caters to their particular needs. You can also use furniture to assign space for professional work and personal use. Employees appreciate when they have a clean, welcoming space to spend their break and lunchtimes, and combining the two without distraction is an excellent way to bring professional and personal lives together.

Employees feel valued when they come to work with clean, modern, and updated furniture.

If you’re going to spend 40+ hours out of the home each week, it’s nice to have a desk that you can call your own and a chair that will protect your back. Employees feel valued and appreciated when their workplaces provide them with high-quality furniture. This alone boosts company morale because employees are happier to come to work and eager to do well.

Hopefully, this information has helped you to see the many ways that office furniture can improve productivity in the workplace. It’s a relatively simple solution for happier employees and a better bottom line!

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