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The Best Plants to Bring Life to Your New York Office Design

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Especially in New York City where greenery can be scarce, plants can be a great addition to your office workstation to add color and life. In fact, office design in New York should include a variety of plants to liven up the atmosphere. Luckily, bringing life to office interiors is easy with some of these elegant and quirky plants.

Succulents are some of the easiest plants to take care of, making them ideal for the office environment. From cacti to jade, they come in all shapes and sizes. And individual office cubicle will look great with a small ceramic container of succulents, while an entire wall-mounted display of succulents can make for an impressive and interesting piece of living art. Our Staks 1 open plan workstation will look just that much more polished when accented with succulents. Ultimately, succulents bring a quirky and refreshing feeling to any office looking to boost its creativity.

Bonsai Trees
When it comes to bringing plants into the office, one of our favorite choices is the bonsai tree. Although this plant can be picky, it’s the perfect choice to make a professional statement of credibility. As long-lasting and elegant plants, bonsai trees show off the time and care dedicated to their growth. They could be the perfect choice for the boss’s office, the meeting room, or even the front desk. Whether decorating small workplaces or private offices, bonsai trees can keep your style in check. Our LOE Tangent 4 lounge area is a great example of a space well-suited to bonsai trees.

Fiddle Leaf Figs
Every creative interior design company knows that the fiddle leaf fig is trending in the world of offices and apartments alike. Especially when placed next to a large window or glass office walls, this broad-leafed plant filters natural light so you’re left with a fresh, green atmosphere. Fiddle leaf figs grow large and will look elegant and poised with your office furniture.

This flowering plant is a great addition to make your office environment feel more welcoming. Both pretty and easy to take care of, lavender will pair well with any office furniture. When it comes time to put in long hours, a potted plant can help keep employees relaxed and focused. With many varieties of lavender available, you can determine which type is best based on your office temperature, climate, and amount of overall light.

This plant is an excellent statement piece when incorporated into your office’s design. Yucca will grow tall and strong when given enough sunlight, so you can have plenty of greenery in your office. Excelling in indirect light, this is a plant ideal for all kinds of office locations. Pair your yucca with a bright ceramic pot or sleek black container to match your overall office design. Our architectural glass office walls filter light to let plants like the yucca thrive.

After the walls have been put up and the cubicles are in place, you may find that your New York office needs a little extra something. Our favorite design tip is to add some plants to add some life and natural scents to your office. For more information on office and business furniture in New York and New Jersey, shop for the best quality furniture and office workstations.

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