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The 7 Attributes of Workspaces

Office space decor and dynamics significantly impact workplace productivity levels. A dour, drab environment promotes a subdued ambiance that causes concentration to lag, while an overly bright workspace is distracting. Finding the right balance means optimal productivity. Following are seven attributes shared by the best workplace environments.

Good Lighting

Great lighting does not mean a bulk of harsh, overhead fluorescents, but it also does not mean dreary and gray. The most productive office workspaces are designed to let in as much natural light as possible, so consider adding windows or skylights if possible. Supplement the natural light with bright, unobtrusive lighting.

Good Acoustics

No one does their best work in overly noisy environments. Consider soundproofing options if your office building is located in an urban environment that features loud traffic and other unpleasant sounds. Sound-reducing options range from insulation to new windows. Floor to ceiling cubicles are another way to provide a distraction free working environment.

Minimal Clutter

Studies have shown that most people find clutter distracting enough that it has a negative impact on their productivity, as well as their overall quality of work. Make a point to lead by example and maintain a clutter-free work area. Do not allow conditions to get out of hand. Tidying up each day prevents clutter overload.

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Splashes of Color

Falling into the trap of utilizing dull grays and browns results in an uninspiring workplace that has all the charm of an institution. Using a medium blue backdrop with judiciously placed splashes of bright color promotes energy and productivity. Avoid overuse of orange and red, because too much of them causes anxiety. There is a reason why fast food restaurants use a lot of orange. It keeps customers from lingering after they have eaten. By the same token, a workplace that has overdone it on the orange and red accents makes employees want to flee the scene instead of concentrating on their work.

Ergonomic Comfort

Commercial office furniture that is not comfortable results in poor employee performance. Desk chairs should have good back support, sturdy armrests, and cushioned seating areas. Desks and work tables should be at the right level so users do not strain wrists and necks. Standing workstations are an option for those who would prefer not to sit all day due to health concerns.

Well-Stocked Supply Rooms

Few things disrupt the overall work flow more than supply rooms that contain insufficient stock. Keep yours brimming with everything necessary to keep production humming along. Time deliveries so you have replacement items arriving well before existing stock reaches a critically low point.

Inspirational Decor

Artwork and other decorative items featuring inspirational themes keep staff on point, focused, and enthused. Choose decorative objects in keeping with the purpose of your business to keep employees producing at optimal levels.

Please feel free to reach out to our commercial office furniture experts at Extra Office Interiors for more tips and advice on creating a pleasant, productive work environment.

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