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4 Team Building Activities to Do In the Office

Team building activities in an office can help boost collaboration and teamwork. These activities can reduce stress and fatigue. Some of the leading corporate gurus recommend participating in these actions during and after lunch to get the most of your employees. As such, most companies implement the following to help employees regain focus and stamina:

  1. Trivia

Taking part in trivia questions helps to jog the memory and stay alert after a stressful morning. For example, employees can work in groups to compete against one another, and the group that wins the trivia can receive a prize. While the bonus prize can motivate the employees to perform well in their tasks, most of the workers enjoy the fun that comes with trivia. Keep in mind the design of your office will affect how well teams can work together (i.e. open plan workstations allow for teamwork versus closed off cubicles that encourage working alone).

  1. Play

You can choose games that suit your employees depending on the size of your company. Some companies invest in putting greens, while others choose pool tables or table tennis. Introducing some fun games within the office is a great way to rebuild morale and improve relationships. Some team building games don’t even require equipment at all. Depending on your budget and your office design layout, some games may be more appropriate than others.

  1. Dining Experiences

Most large companies like Google offer their employees awe-inspiring dining experiences. However, for smaller companies, just by offering one day of buffet lunch can really change the mood and encourage impromptu discussion. This helps to foster better and open communication between the employees themselves, as well as between the employees and the higher management. Also, the layout of the buffet area does not have to be complex. By adding tables and chairs to an empty space, these events can be very successful.

  1. Workout

Having an area for some physical activity can be very beneficial at the workplace!

Getting your heart-rate up and moving around can improve the mood in the office and increase the energy. Also, there are many exercises that can be performed without any equipment, so don’t let a lack of equipment be a deterrent. This may seem silly, but can be a great way to spark conversation and bonding.

Although your company relies on you to work hard, take some time to recoup and connect with others by participating in some of these activities. Whatever you choose, consider the design of your office and how to best suit your company’s needs. For help, don’t forget to consult the experts!

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