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Tired? Here’s Our 5 Favorite Coffee Shops in NY

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If you’re looking for a caffeine boost during your busy day, take a look at these 5 stylish coffee shops in NY that offer bold coffee, tasty treats, and a great atmosphere. Enjoy that delicious coffee aroma as you re-energize on your break with a caffeinated drink.

Triple Shot World Atlas Cafe
For those who want to dive into a cozy oasis while they load up on coffee, check out Triple Shot World Atlas Cafe. Its decorative exterior welcomes you inside to a small space, perfect for relaxing as you decompress from the noise and chaos of the city. We recommend the chai tea latte, but there are plenty of options for all the caffeine-lovers out there. Just like with our workstations, this locations lets you be cozy while getting work done.

McNally Jackson
This cafe is perfect for grabbing some coffee and reading your favorite story, or perhaps even doing some writing. It doubles as a bookstore for those who want to do a little shopping while enjoying coffee. When it comes to this location, there’s no shortage of creative energy. With its illuminated open space and ceiling art, this place is a great escape from the office during a quick break. With cafe au laic, scones and even raspberry juice, it’s easy to enjoy your break from the office.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters
This place shows you just how stylish commercial office furniture can get when immersed in great design, delicious coffee, and friendly people. Take a break and get energized before you begin your next project at work. Offering a wide variety of obscure coffee beans, this cafe suits the more refined caffeine aficionados among us. With locations in both Greenwich Village and the lobby of the Ace Hotel, there’s no excuse not to visit this coffee shop in New York City.

Maison Kayser
This coffee shop is located in a calm neighborhood and is a great place to get energized and seize the day. Its stylish decor and decadent smells mean you’ll enjoy New York’s most luxurious coffee without a care in the world. With that in mind, make sure to explore everything the menu can offer you. Grab an elderflower lemonade or Japanese citrus custard tart to accompany your coffee!

Laughing Man Coffee & Tea
Who doesn’t love some positivity? Laughing Man Coffee & Tea serves up just that in their bright Southern Manhattan location. This is another great spot to meet with coworkers or clients and enjoy the stylish decor. Glass walls, similar to the ones we offer at Extra Office Interiors, create a similar spacious effect that’s trendy and fresh. Office design could take some cues from this open, well-lit coffee shop.

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