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5 Reasons Why You Should Switch Up Your Morning Routine Before Work

Human beings are creatures of habit. We all tend to become set in our ways and stuck in particular routines. Even if your current method seems to be working pretty well for you, there are numerous benefits involved in challenging yourself to make changes to your morning schedule. Research indicates that maintaining the same morning sequence, even when it’s reasonably efficient, can hold you back from further creativity, efficiency, and productivity in your daily life.

If you’ve become aware that you tend to follow the exact same steps every morning, you may have given some thought to changing up your routine. Is it really worth going through the effort to do so if your current schedule is serving your daily needs well? Yes, and below are five reasons why this change is worth seeking.

Change Stimulates Creativity

Becoming stuck in a rut can negatively impact the portions of the brain responsible for creativity and flair. Varying your morning routine can ignite these regions once again and get your creative juices flowing. You just may find that you quickly come up with the next big idea that will enhance the workflow of the team back at the office simply by making a few changes to your daily plan before work.

Change Forces Your Brain to Create New Connections

Incorporating even small alterations into your life forces your brain to respond to new stimuli. As a result, new connections are formed in your brain that improve your intelligence, creative thinking abilities, and social skills. In short, making regular changes to your morning routine can make you more intelligent. Even cooler, just believing you have the power to change your brain can in fact help you change your brain.

Change Helps Develop Problem-Solving Skills

If you ever find yourself struggling to solve a minor problem when these obstacles used to be easy to overcome, you may need a change in your morning routine. Stimulating your brain by making minor changes to your routine encourages the development of problem-solving skills that can benefit all aspects of your life.

Change Provides Useful Insight into Others

Doing things the complete opposite manner in which you normally would also gives you insight into the inner workings of others. For example, if you never workout in the mornings, you may not understand what it feels like to place such a high importance on this activity that you get it done first thing upon waking. You’ll have a newfound understanding and respect for those who operate in a different manner than you.

Change Helps Reduce Fear of the Unknown

Fear of the unknown is often what locks us into developing the same dull routine year after year. Forcing yourself to make regular changes to your before-work routine can do a lot for overcoming this unnecessary fear that keeps so many people in a stagnant place in their personal and professional lives.

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