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5 Benefits of Floor to Ceiling Office Cubicles

Creating a friendly and effective workplace isn’t always easy, that’s why we provide business office design project management, and office furniture delivery & installation. One of the best options that business owners have to make their workplaces more efficient is cubicles. However, standard cubicles leave a lot to be desired. That’s one reason why so many companies are switching to floor-to-ceiling cubicles. What makes these types of cubicles so much better than traditional cubicles? Below are five benefits you can expect to get from cubicles that reach from the floor to the ceiling.
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Employee Privacy
According to many different studies, employees work better when they have privacy. While it’s true that cubicles provide a bit of privacy, they still leave the workers open to the peering eyes of their colleagues. Cubicles that stretch from the floor to the ceiling give employees the privacy they crave, which improves their focus.

Low-Cost Private Offices
In a perfect office space, everyone would have their own private office. Unfortunately, it’s too expensive for most businesses to provide an office for each employee. Floor-to-ceiling commercial office workstations give the feel and look of having individual offices for all of your employees without the outrageous price tag.

Less Noise Pollution
While low-wall cubicles can help keep employees from getting distracted by whatever is happening around the office, they don’t prevent workers from hearing these distractions. Floor to ceiling cubicles helps block much of the noise pollution that fills an office. It blocks noise from telephone calls, typing, and much more.

Personal Space
It’s nice when employees can decorate their cubicles with items that represent their unique personalities. Unfortunately, not all employees feel comfortable doing this when anyone is able to access their cubicles. Commercial office workstations that stretch from the ceiling to the floor give employees the option to lock up their belongings when they go home for the night. It’s as if they have their own personal space at the office. This can make the work environment more peaceful, which will improve productivity.

High-Class Look
If you’re looking to add a high-class look to your office space, you can’t go wrong with cubicles that reach from floor to ceiling. For example, you can use architecture glass walls to give your office a unique design. Glass walls and doors make for a refreshing change from traditional walls, and they often provide more of a positive environment for both clients and employees.

As you can see, cubicles are a great addition to nearly any office space. Once your employees have their own personal offices, don’t forget to add some complimenting office furniture. At Extra Office Interiors, we can provide you with office furniture to fit the unique style of your space! Furniture is a great way to turn any cubicle into a one-of-a-kind space that you and your employees will be happy to show off to clients.
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Floor to Ceiling Office Cubicles

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