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What Colors Should Your Office Be

If you’re considering updating your commercial business furniture, you’re probably looking for products that are functional and enhance the environment while improving productivity. Have you given any thought to your office colors, though? According to Entrepreneur, the color of your space affects productivity.

Color Can Influence Mood

Neutral tones aren’t distracting. They may even seem peaceful and calming.

However, researchers have found that employees feel sad and depressed when they’re exposed to large expanses of gray, beige and white. The same study found that men feel melancholy in purple and orange environments.

Infuse the office with pops of color to break up the monotony and keep your employees in good moods. Purchasing chairs with bright seats oropen plan workstations with eye-catching tabletops can improve morale.

Improve Focus With Low-Wavelength Colors

Green and blue are thought to boost efficiency and help people concentrate. You don’t have to use bold tones to achieve this effect. Blues can be gray-heavy to produce a neutral hue that coordinates with the rest of the office. Sage green is a muted alternative to shades of lime or grass.

These colors would be perfect for the office walls. They’re not as gloomy as white and tan, and you can accent different areas with punchier tones, depending on your intentions.

Grab Attention With Red and Orange

You probably wouldn’t want to use red and orange in large bursts. These colors can raise alarm and put people on edge.

They’re useful for attracting attention, though. If you want to make sure that your staff refers to the whiteboard in the lobby, surround it with a fiery border to create a sense of urgency.

These colors are energetic. If you want your employees to get moving, use red and orange to direct their flow.

Get Creative With Yellow

Yellow is believed to inspire creativity and innovation. This is an ideal color to use in the meeting room where the art team collaborates with the marketing department.

Yellow also represents friendliness and optimism. It’s an approachable color. Consider using it wherever you want to enhance communication. It’s stimulating for the break room, and it looks great with gray and blue tints in modern office interiors.

Use Color Wisely

Placing too many different colors in one space can make it feel chaotic. At Extra Office Interiors, we can help you use color to your advantage without overpowering your environment. We offer office design services to help you choose a few lively focal points to infuse into a carefully selected palette and help every you achieve your productivity goals.

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