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Spruce Up Your Office

Add up all the hours that you spend at your office each week, and it’s bound to be somewhere between 35 and 45. That’s a lot of hours to spend in an uncomfortable chair, a desk that’s too short or with file cabinets that don’t open correctly. Yet because of tight budgets, many companies go on with the same drab office furniture, lifeless paint on the walls and outdated decor. But even a small investment in office decor can make a world of a difference in people’s moods and productivity.

Here are simple, affordable and effective ways to spruce up your office.

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

A fresh coat of paint makes the walls look brighter, and you can transform the space depending on the color you select. Greens and blues help employees feel calm and relaxed, while yellow and orange stimulate productivity. We can’t help but lean toward neutral colors like cream, brown or gray coupled with a brighter color like green. The neutral palette pleases everyone and looks undeniably sophisticated.

Add Greenery

Those silk plants that are gathering dust in the corner have got to go. Swap them with real plants that boost the mood, reduce stress and keep the air clean. Opt for low-light, low-maintenance plants that won’t require you to hire a full-time horticulturist. Ideas include spider plants, lemon balm, philodendron and the peace lily.

Splurge on Like-New Furniture

Office furniture is the one place where businesses are hesitant to spend money, yet it’s the one area that deserves it. With the right furniture, you can boost employee morale and increase productivity. If this creates a better atmosphere that drives sales, it’s worth it. But we understand that some budgets really don’t allow for new office furniture on a whim. That’s why we have a suggestion: refurbished office cubicles.

Refurbished cubicles can be created to match your décor – you will have your choice of fabric colors and worksurface colors. Although the workstations look new, they come at a fraction of the cost, saving you money. Plus, you get high-end brands that your employees will love. Imagine how great new cubicles will look next to a fresh coat of paint!

Update Wall Hangings

Most offices have drab artwork on the walls – it is likely that it has been there for years. The good news is that there is plenty of inexpensive artwork that can be purchased for a decent price. Canvas art, for instance, is inexpensive and doesn’t require any type of frame. And because the canvas is lightweight, all it takes is a nail or two to hang up and little damage to the walls.

Jazz Up the Break Room

If employees are leaving the office every day to escape the antiquated break room, you may just need an update. Employees need to feel appreciated, and a cozy break room is a great place to start. Again, check into used office furniture such as tables and chairs. The more comfortable you make this space, the more willing employees will be to stay for lunch and break times, strengthening coworker rapports.

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