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The Most Productive Cities in the United States

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An Important Subject
Have you wondered which cities in the United States enjoy the highest levels of productivity? This question interests many company managers. Regardless of your location, Extra Office Interiors can help your staff maximize their productivity on the job by supplying attractive, ergonomic commercial office workstations and furnishings! The innovative office decors of today allow many businesses in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania to compete more successfully in global markets.

Top Productivity Cities
Many may assume that the designation of the top productive metropolitan area would go to the vibrant Big Apple and its environs by simply examining the office design and culture. Numerous New York and New Jersey residents do indeed work long hours and produce some incredibly valuable results.
Yet many economists calculate productivity by applying complex mathematical formulas that consider both worker output and earnings and the underlying cost of living index. Employment figures sometimes enter into this complex analysis. When the respected WalletHub website completed a study of productivity recently, these cities ranked among the top five:

1. Anchorage, Alaska.
2. Virginia Beach, Virginia.
3. Plano, Texas.
4. Sious Falls, South Dakota.
5. Irving, Texas.

New York ranked 32nd on the list, a startling outcome to many of us. People in this region take great pride in our trend-setting business role!

Enhance Productivity
To help raise productivity, managers sometimes consider transforming the office by installing some functional, appealing items that make their employees feel more comfortable and at home. From floor to ceiling cubicles to selectively chosen high quality pieces of commercial office furniture, it is important to supply the furnishings your business requires to enjoy a comfortable environment for smooth, streamlined operations.
For example, the right tables and chairs to outfit conference rooms attractively will make for maximum utility. From a trendy Minimalist Verity-H design to more conventional Watson-Miro ensembles, there are numerous options for your productive office redesign.

Reinvigorating Working Spaces
In addition to enhancing the comfort levels of employees, installing a new decor provides many companies with a morale-boosting change. Commercial business furniture of the highest quality sets a tempo for efficient, high achieving performance.
Many do not realize how office design is capable of augmenting a company’s operations. From individual workstations to a private office, lounge, lobby and conference room decors, your office will look great and your productivity will likely increase.

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