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Office Areas Most in Need of a Pop of Color

A vibrant workplace engages your staff; yet, some office areas are bland. Certain hues make a huge difference in employee productivity. Here are workspaces that often thirst for a splash of color.

  1. Lobbies and Reception Areas

Sometimes, in striving to appear professional, office lobbies end up stark. Lacking attractive color, they are not inviting. Reception areas should have appealing hues, in sync with your line of business. Here are three examples:

  • Healthcare – In a medical reception area, light blue lends serenity, making waiting easier. Soft green is another option. Enhance the soothing effect with muted lighting. Pediatric offices should smile with joyful colors. Dabs of yellow and pink are happy winks! Pump up the love with bright toys and games.
  • Law Offices – Dark blue, green, and burgundy give clients a sense of security. White proclaims prestige. Well-kept plants imply that lawyers care about constituents.
  • Retail – Colors can reflect your company logo or brand and presenting them at first contact can help to make a lasting impression.

Our lobby furniture collections extend cheerful greetings on behalf of all professions. Your options include elegant, casual, formal, and luxurious styles.

In any setting,architectural glass walls showcase colors. The transparency of glass portrays your management as honest and direct.

  1. Conference and Board Rooms

These rooms host exciting meetings. Within them, visions, decisions and solutions take place. However, board rooms are often boring. Strategic use of color will help invoke staff participation.

Hues should promote your purpose for a given room. However, too much color is distracting, so accents are preferable. Do you seek to spur timely decisions? Red is a helpful catalyst. Orange encourages creativity and yellow invites lively dialogue.

If you need a calming influence for heated debates, accessorize with blue or green. Teal is ideal for brainstorming sessions. If your goal is impressing clients, feature some purple. Sprinkle in some white with stylish tables and chairs to foster optimism. It infuses a meeting room with brightness by reflecting light.

We have a vast inventory of commercial office furniture for conference and board rooms, designed for ultimate comfort. We will fulfill whatever color scheme you desire.

  1. Cubicles

In small office spaces, pops of color have potent effects. The key to maximizing productivity is aligning color with work type. Consider color saturation– bright hues are energizing, while soft tones are calming.

Pastel blue, teal, and aqua suit employees who must focus intensely. These shades work well for accounting, finance, payroll and legal departments. Light yellow kindles ideas in designers, artists, writers, and developers.

Purple is versatile, combining the effects of red and blue. Light purple is both motivating and relaxing, perfect for marketing, technology, and media departments. Some other appealing shades are lavender, amethyst, and orchid.

Green aids employees under stress, such as those in sales. Soft green is grounding, imparting equilibrium. In all workspaces, dashes of red command attention.

Floor to ceiling cubicles can feel confining, but the right colors magically expand tight workstations. Blue, green, and lavender visually recede, making space appear larger.

Our panel based workstations offer all the above colors. Improve cubicles with work-enhancing hues.

  1. Training Rooms and Libraries

Office classrooms are often dull. Our commercial business furniture takes learning to new levels. Orange sharpens alertness, while yellow draws attention and aids data retention. For speakers, turquoise fosters poise. Our stackable chairs complement training rooms. Being lightweight, they are easily arranged and stored.

In a library, colorful furnishings lighten an otherwise serious space. Blue and green support contemplation. If your library hosts presentations, accent the room with pastels, yellow, orange and red. Our comfortable guest seating suits this purpose, in both casual and formal styles.

  1. Chilly Rooms

Do you have certain areas that stay cooler than the rest of your building? If so, staff discomfort may be hindering efficiency. In 2004, a Cornell University study showed that when workers were cold, they made more errors. Conversely, when the thermostat was raised from 68°F to 77°F, typing mistakes fell by 44 percent, and output soared by 150 percent.

Being cold is both distracting and distressing. When workers must use energy to keep warm, they have less mental power to focus, create, and collaborate. Did you know that hues affect human physiology? Dynamic colors like orange, yellow, and red are invigorating.

  • Yellow strengthens the mind, nerves, and muscles by aiding cellular regeneration.
  • Red raises body temperature, heart rate, and circulation. It vitalizes blood by increasing hemoglobin. By triggering cell growth and releasing adrenaline, red stimulates our organs and senses.

Open floor plans can be drafty because they lack interior walls. However, warm colors spatially advance, making the wall appear to come closer. For this reason, they make large rooms feel cozy. Our open plan workstations include warming hues. They make formerly cold rooms toasty.

Living Color

Walk through your office, assessing its “complexion.” Eye your reception areas, conference rooms, cubicles, training rooms, and library. Do any sections seem drab or uncomfortably cold? Can some use a bit of blush?

Our office decor infuses tired rooms with upbeat energy. Your staff will be happier and more productive when treated to living color.

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