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How To Keep Your Office Active And Healthy

Keeping employees active and healthy is important. It’s something that needs to be done on all levels, even while at work. Some of this involves encouraging them to leave their commercial office workstations periodically to move about; this can stimulate cognition and creativity. Read below for tips on how to foster this idea in your office.

Take Walking Meetings

If you hold a lot of meetings on premises, don’t invite everyone into the boardroom. Even though you might have beautiful commercial business furniture for people to sit on, you’re encouraging them to stay seated for an hour or longer.  Instead, meet in the boardroom and then invite everyone to grab a clipboard and walk with you. It’s a great way to review operations, see more of what’s going on in the workplace, and enjoy fresh air at the same time.

Hold Fitness Classes

Many companies are motivating employees by bringing fitness classes to them. If the work day ends at 5, have an instructor come in at 5:30 or 6. It will make it easy for people to change and then get a workout in before they go home.  If you don’t think you have the room for a fitness class, think again, by taking the potential of space into consideration. Many companies have been able to make the room just by moving some furniture off to the side once a week for yoga, kickboxing, or some other fitness class to take place. We can also design a work environment with plenty of space for a fitness class.

Set up Incentives

If you want to keep your employees more active, create some incentives (research shows financial might work best). You can have everyone wear a fitness tracker and compete to see who logs the most steps while at work. You could give away a gym membership or a gift card to a healthy restaurant as a prize to the person with the most steps at the end of the week or month.  You might be surprised by how much more energetic your office becomes when the staff knows that there is a prize up for grabs. People will constantly check up on each other to see who is in the lead and compete.

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