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Does the Color of Your Office Really Matter?

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Between employee incentive programs, healthy snack options in the break room and bright windows that let in natural light, it’s hard to believe that the color of your workplace would have that much of an impact. But it does. The human eye can see millions of colors, but not all of them are appropriate for an office setting. You must also consider the various shades within each color. For example, some shades of yellow are comforting to the eyes, but others are irritating.

When deciding on which colors to add to the workplace, start by defining your goals. Do you want the office to be more energizing? Calming? Creative? While you want some consistency throughout your space, not every area needs to be the same color. A break room can be painted in a calming hue, while the meeting room may be bold. The rest of the office can benefit from a clean, neutral tone.

Best Colors for the Office

Here are some of the best colors for the workplace and what you can expect from them.

  • Red – Boosts energy, urgency and appetite.
  • Blue – Promotes thinking, performance and creativity.
  • Yellow – Prompts feelings of confidence and well being.
  • White – Ignites optimism, space and positivity.
  • Green – Provides feelings of relaxation, tranquility and rejuvenation.
  • Brown – Gives a sense of grounding, security and strength.

How to Use Color in the Workplace

Below are a few tips on how to use these colors throughout the workplace.

  • Use red in areas where you want people to be motivated and creative, such as a meeting room where team building and brainstorming take place.
  • Use blue in spaces where employees collaborate such as conference rooms.
  • Yellow is a nice color because it encourages productivity and creates a sense of well being. However, it can also cause anxiety. Use it in moderation.
  • White promotes space and cleanliness, so use this color in hallways and entryways.
  • Use green where you want to promote calmness such as reception areas and break rooms. Pay attention to the various shades. Light green is restful, while medium green is calming.
  • Use brown to bring the workspace together. It’s a strong, resilient color that works well with open concept floor plans.

Color plays a major role in the tone of your office and the moods of your employees. Fortunately, this is one change that is easy and inexpensive to make, and you can enjoy the benefits almost immediately!

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