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Trendy Desk Ideas For Your Business


When working in an office, you want a desk that evokes inspiration, innovation and productivity. The tips listed here will help you make your desk stylish and amazing. From indoor plants to motivational posters, you have all the keys to turn your office into a stylish working paradise, filled with trendy desk accessories.

Open Plan Decoration
Some of today’s most prolific businesses support collaboration and creativity through open plan desks and workstations, but how do you decorate a desk without panels or walls? Consider bringing in decorative coasters and an elegant place-mat for your laptop or notebook. With flat, non-obstructive decorations that stay directly on your desk’s surface, you can easily express yourself in an open plan environment.

The Chic Cubicle
Despite the benefits of an open plan office, cubicles can be just as rewarding and even more chic. This year’s interior design trends include revamped cubicles with decor that pushes the traditional office experience to the max. It’s easy to bring style to the table with accessories like colorful picture frames, motivational quotes and polka-dot pencil cups for office cubicles. Additionally, it helps to focus on creating a cohesive color palette and picking pieces that pop.

Tabletop Knickknacks
From brainteaser puzzles to mementos from home, it’s valuable for employees to personalize where they work. Every creative and innovative business should provide leverage to its employees, even when it comes to the work-space. That’s why you should bring in personal possessions, motivational pictures and creative reminders to make your desk both trendy and meaningful. With tabletop knick knacks for your stylish office furniture, it’s easy to make your desk feel like home.

Desktop Plants
Including a plant or two on top of your desk will help liven up the atmosphere of your workplace and also boost productivity. Some of interior design’s trendiest indoor plants include the African Violet, the Snake Palm and Aloe. We suggest bringing in a small desk plant if your office has a lot of natural light. Additionally, don’t forget to consider the plant’s pot as a source of creative decoration. There is a huge variety of ceramics and pottery out there so you can accessorize your desk with just the right style.

Washi Tape
This fun and stylish craft supply can provide accents to anything in your cubicle. Whether you want to highlight the edge of your desk and filing cabinet with matching patterns or you simply want to decorate a pencil cup, washi tape is a cheap and accessible way to bring style into the office.

Book Ends
Office furniture should stand out in the nation’s most fashionable city, so it’s time to bring in some stylish bookends for your desk. From stone gargoyles to chrome elephants, bookends will provide both personality and organization when you’re at work.

While the work space is a professional environment it doesn’t mean your workspace can’t have a little personality to it. Everyone has their tricks to keep them focused while grinding through the work day, decorating your desk will not only give you the added boost of productivity but make the work feel a little less tedious too.

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