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Trend Ideas for Your Industrial Office Design

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The design and aesthetics of your office will ultimately determine the quality of the space and how much you enjoy working in the setting. The office furniture that you use will determine the appeal of the office and can set the style. When you want to create an updated and modern workplace, there are a few trend ideas to consider and we can help deliver that result with our office space interior design services in NJ, NY, & PA.

Raw Wood Elements

Incorporate extra raw wood elements into your industrial office design. Using a unique material that gives a natural feel in a busy work environment will not only create a calm atmosphere for your employees but also add a modern look to the office. Consider hanging raw wood shelves above a desk where books and binders can be stored and paired with a few succulent plants. Reclaimed wood can also be used if you want an edgy feature that incorporates a rustic touch to the space.

Bare Bulbs
The lighting in the room not only determines the tone of the setting but also contributes to the decor of the office. You can create an industrial office by hanging exposed bulbs from the ceiling, which will look modern. Consider using Edison bulbs, which are antique and will make a statement due to their minimalism.

Exposed Utilities

The space that you work in doesn’t have to look finished to appear stylish when you want to decorate the office. Make it a point to leave the utilities exposed, which includes ductwork for the HVAC system and plumbing lines on the ceilings and interior walls. The style is unexpected but will look industrial and modern.

Metal Furniture

Use metal office furniture to set the style of the workplace with masculine pieces that look bold. The metal furniture can be combined with wood or glass elements, which will look sleek and original. You’ll create a professional environment with bold elements that are still minimal.

Brick Walls

Show off a brick wall in the building if you want to create an accent wall that looks modern. Brick walls are a staple with industrial office designs and are embraced for their beautiful look. Add a large plant by the brick wall to incorporate an element from the outdoors.


Wipe-off boards can look awkward in offices that have an industrial style. Opt for using an oversized chalkboard that is vintage and will work well in meetings or when you need to brainstorm in your office. You can also paint a wall with chalkboard paint if you want plenty of space to draw, write, and create checklists. Transforming an entire wall into a chalkboard will make it easy to collaborate with your colleagues when you’re creating plans.

Metallic Elements
You can make your interior design look regal and luxe with metallic elements that are chic and beautiful. Consider using a gold lamp on your desk or adding brass pulls or knobs on a bookcase. It’ll be easy to create a stylish interior setting with metallic details that add a beautiful element to prevent the office from feeling cold.

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