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Starting a New Business? Here’s How to Design on a Budget

As you start your new business venture, you have the perfect opportunity to create a work environment that reflects who you are as a business person and as an individual. A big part of the process is designing the right office space while staying within your prescribed budget.

Making Your Office Space Feel Like Home

When you start developing the concept for your business location, you want to create an office space that is conducive to working efficiently while providing an environment that is comfortable for you and your employees. It should also be an environment that tells your customers, clients and business associates something about the kind of an organization with which they are dealing. The biggest challenge you will face is designing something that checks all the relevant boxes while staying within budget constraints.

Discover Local Treasures

Within that budget, you will want to select commercial office furniture and workstations that work for the business while creating the comforts of home. As for the auxiliary decorations like wall coverings and knick-knacks, we feel this is where you can save lots of money by strolling through local flea markets and budget stores to pick up some items that will ultimately give your office its unique character. These are the things that people will remember about your office environment.

The Secret to Designing the Right Office Space for the Right Price

When you create a work environment, you want to design your office space around furniture that is both affordable and highly-functional. The savings you can create with an efficient work environment is often enough to pay for the cost of the furniture within a rather short period of time. Our interior designers will assess you business needs and recommend certain types of workstations and auxiliary furniture that fulfill your objectives.

As a great example of our thought process, let’s assume you are starting a new architectural design firm and want to provide your architects with private workspaces that allows them to concentrate without distractions. We might recommend office cubicles. If cost is a concern, don’t forget how affordable remanufactured cubicles can be; they look brand new yet they sell for about half the price. As long as you constantly aim to save where you can and spend the extra money where it provides the most benefit for your business, your budget should not feel restrictive.

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