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How To Save Space In Your NYC Office


No matter what line of work you’re in, a well-organized office will go a long way towards improving your effectiveness. Workers in New York City and throughout the Mid-Atlantic region are almost always pressed for space. If you’d like to reduce clutter, save space, and become more productive in your office, follow these tips below:
Invest in Versatile Furniture
Previous commercial office furniture started with the bulky executive desks of the 1950s. Modern office workers have access to a slew of unique furniture options ranging from open plan workstations to floor-to-ceiling glass. Flexible furniture allows employees to expand or reduce storage as needed. The key is to get something versatile and adjust accordingly.
Reduce Wires Whenever You Can
Thanks to the wireless nature of most electronics nowadays, ridding your office of cable clutter isn’t difficult for the most part. Regardless, existing wires should be labeled and bundled to preserve valuable floor space. Simple zip ties can be used to keep wires out of the way.
Prioritize Electronics Consolidation
The days of relying on multiple digital tools to accomplish a variety of office tasks have largely come to a close. You can free up a ton of desk space by using convergence devices like the Microsoft Surface Pro and Amazon’s Echo to function as several devices at the same time.
Reduce Paper Usage as Much as Possible
Keeping original paper records in a secure storage facility rather than on your desk is a no-brainer. Fortunately, you can use apps and scanners to quickly digitize your records. Just make sure that you have a great printer on hand should printed copies of records be necessary.
Shift Storage Towards the Ceiling
Wall-mounted storage racks are a godsend in cramped office environments if you need to keep papers and gadgets close by. Low-profile wood and steel storage cabinets that don’t dominate your work area are a good bet. Quality wall-mounted storage solutions in all shapes and sizes are easy to find as well.

Develop a Modular Organization Scheme
When you’re picking a storage system for your office, it’s best to settle on items from one brand that work well with each other. Molded plastic stacking bins and compatible storage racks that can be configured in an ad hoc fashion will save you the most space.
Move Bulkier Items Into Storage
Certain office items that are great to have around for specific occasions or projects aren’t typically suited for day-to-day use. A lot of furniture and storage hardware falls into this category. Move bulkier furniture and business machines into long-term, climate-controlled storage to free up needed space in your main office area.
Optimizing NYC Office Space Overnight
If you’d like to make your office as productive as possible, calling a furniture consultant like Extra Office Interiors is a smart move. We can recommend and provide the best office furniture in New York City and beyond, to companies both small and large at prices that are easy to justify.

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