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Small Office Workstation Design Ideas

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To get the most from the time we spend at our workstations, they should be organized, pleasant, and mentally stimulating. They should feel open and engaging, but how do you create this in a small space? We at Extra Office Interiors know exactly what it takes so we offer office space interior design services and commercial office furniture systems. So many New York offices and cubicles are minimized and crammed into tight corners. It can stifle our creativity and damage our productivity unless we use the space we have well. Choosing a flexible and clean office design can help workflow smoothly. Flexible and ergonomic office furniture will de-clutter our minds and workstations. Windows looking out into the world will connect and engage us while at the office.

One nightmare we all have when setting up a small office workstation is discomfort. We don’t want to push our chairs back and hit a filing cabinet, or constantly have to stand up and stretch because we’re uncomfortable. These inconveniences affect how we perform. Ergonomic office furniture will go a long way in preventing this from occurring. Remanufactured office furniture exhibits designs and products that will provide optimal comfort with contemporary appeal. They have features such as filing cabinets and chairs that slide beneath desks and out of the way when not in use, leading to a more flexible workstation.

Any NYC office or cubicle is improved with a window. A window that views the outdoors is ideal. It lets in natural light which helps keep us calm and focused, it provides some stimulation for those moments that we need to get our head together, and it brings the outdoors into our workspace. When an outside window isn’t an option, any window is the next best thing. Interior glass panels make a small workstation feel open, and instead of feeling cramped, we feel connected to what is happening around us.

Gone are the days of drab eggshell and gray office cubicles. Contemporary workstations are bringing back colors with bright hues splashed throughout a space. Splashes of Caribbean blues, olive greens, and sunset oranges accent clean whites, natural browns, and navy blues in new and exciting formats. They make office furniture fun and trendy while maintaining a clean and organized feel.

Staying organized is the key to maintaining high productivity in a small workspace. Making sure that office furniture provides enough storage space for everything necessary helps avoid confusion. Utilize space beneath desks with rolling cabinets that can tuck away. Floor to ceiling shelving maximizes storage capacity. It’s important that everything can be put away between tasks and that our desks remain clean. It clears our minds of mental clutter and allows us to focus on what is at hand.

Whatever work we perform in our small workstations, cubicles, closets, and corners, utilizing these four tips when planning our design and furniture can help us avoid feeling cramped physically and mentally.

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