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How Office Design in New York Differs from California

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Office design is something that many professionals and business owners may not think is a big deal. However, for many professions, it can be one of the most important parts of a productive work day. When inviting clients into your office, you must make sure that your workspace shows your client who you are as a professional. Just like clothing styles, office design changes depending on the city in which you are working. The style for offices in New York and California are much different from each other. It is important to use your cities particular style in order to connect with your clients and other business associates.

California Office Design

When you are looking into office space in California, the biggest thing you will notice in design differences is the amount of space you have to work with. You will have a larger office in most cases due to the larger spaces that are available in the west. This usually translates into offices with large executive desks, bookshelves, centerpiece, and sometimes even an entertainment center. Bright colors and recreational centers, inspired by Google, are right in line with the California lifestyle.

New York Office Design
When it comes to office design in New York City, you will find that there is a much more modern look due to the smaller spaces available. Glass office walls are a great example of a modern look that some New York City offices use for sleek privacy. A more industrial look is also becoming very popular in New York. Exposed pipes and old-school light fixtures are coming back into style in New York. These office spaces reflect the urban style that helped create the culture in New York City that we all know today. White walls with contrasting darker office furniture have become very in style with New York fashion, as well. Ambient lighting is a perfect addition to any New York office that can be a very inexpensive fix added by just about anyone. Simple stick on LED lights can even do the trick.

Creating Your Ideal Office Environment
Designing your office space can be very fun and exciting. For some entrepreneurs and executives who really have to put the hours in, they will end up spending more time in their office than at their homes. This is why it is very important to create an office that will match your own personal style. Having a great environment for your work can help you to be creative and solve issues that may have been holding back your business for months.

Here at Extra Office Interiors, we work with business owners and professionals to bring them the right furniture and other design tools that are needed. Our selection of modern office furniture is great for New York offices. Your office will be perfectly matched with the modern New York style in a way that is still true to your unique style.

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