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New Year? New Office Design.

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Have you made any workplace resolutions this year? Many business owners and office managers resolve to be more organized, communicate better or delegate more efficiently. If you want to enhance productivity and improve employee morale, you can also consider redesigning the office space.

Help Employees Want to Show Up for Work

In the past, employees at most companies needed an office to work from. Nowadays, telecommuting is becoming common. It’s easier than ever for individuals to find freelancing jobs or earn a living in creative ways that don’t involve sitting at a desk at an office. Therefore, employers should take a good look at the workplace to make sure that it’s appealing.

The employee experience is equally as important as the customer experience. Your clients may drive your revenue, but you can’t provide the best products and services without an engaged, inspired, motivated and empowered team.

Offering a gorgeous, efficient workspace is one way to show your staff members that you care about their well-being. When they can spend eight hours a day in an attractive, wisely structured environment, they can focus on their performance.

Trends for NJ Office Interiors in the New Year

The major trends that have been building throughout the past few years are here to stay. Some features that make modern offices stand out include:

  • Open cohabitation spaces
  • Eco-friendly design
  • Textured and interest-generating focal points

Open cohabitation spaces shift the idea of privacy and disruption in the workplace. Some people perform better when they’re surrounded by others and ideas are bouncing around. On the other hand, others value solitude. Flexible office workstation designs can give you the best of both worlds.

Companies are also interested in being ecologically responsible. To do this, you can add recycling bins to every floor and allow more natural light in the space by adding architectural glass walls. You can also add low-maintenance plants to bring the outdoors in. Natural elements can improve mood, absorb noise and reduce stress.

Don’t forget to add artwork and other elements to break up the flat planes of tables, wall and shelving. Comfortable seating areas, geometric designs and fabric elements add interest to a lackluster environment.

Personalize Your Approach to Office Design

No standard setup works for every office. Therefore, some of the office design trends of 2019 won’t work for your business. Just because Google’s office has sleep pods doesn’t mean that your company will benefit from one.

Office design should be part of your customized business strategy. Innovation is an essential component to optimizing your approach.

You don’t have to experiment to determine what will work best for you. Hiring professional consultants can cut down on indecision and give you the best results. Extra Office Interiors can help you with everything from planning and financing to delivery and installation. Contact us today to learn how we create outstanding office interiors.

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