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How To Make The Most Out Of An Office Space

Tech startups are known for their innovative office setups. In fact, some of their workspaces are so cool that employees might not want to clock out. You can make the most out of an office space by thinking flexibly, valuing social space over formal environments, and using high-quality products.

Flexibility in the Office

Although floor to ceiling cubicles can establish privacy, the American Psychological Association explains that open work spaces promote more productivity, curiosity, and fellowship than closed ones. Opening walls and creating flow also increases access to your coworkers.

Although you may think that this fosters disruption, it can have the opposite effect. When you can see that your neighbor is on the phone, you’ll think twice about interrupting. Walls close you in and hide you, increasing the chances that you’ll be disrupted at inopportune times.

If you’re not sure whether to open up your office space completely, consider a flexible design. You’ll need to combine pockets of privacy with lounge zones and open office areas. Architectural glass walls create boundaries without limiting visibility. Rolling desks and file cabinets can be reconfigured for meetings and office parties.

Create Space for Collaboration

Informal meeting areas give workers places to take breaks. They may need to get away from their desks to ponder an idea that isn’t coming to them. When they sit in the inviting lounge, they might end up chatting with a peer and gaining valuable insight into their dilemma.

Without collaborative space, people can feel uncomfortable leaving their desks. This creates a completely different atmosphere. If your coworkers can’t gather in the office, they may be less likely to cooperate and share ideas.

Don’t Skimp on Quality

Comfortable chairs, accommodating desks, excellent lighting, and live plants can enhance the workplace. Few people enjoy working under buzzing fluorescent lights and staring at wilted greenery. Pay attention to these details to make the most out of your office space.

Office interior design can impact employee productivity. A great setup can attract the best employees and help you prevent turnover. Today’s workforce wants to feel creative and collaborative at the office. Making sure that your environment is on par with modern trends lets you stand out in a world full of gray cubicles.

We can consult with you to determine which elements are the most important for your office culture. We create high-quality, flexible, and effective office interiors that help you compete in hot job markets.

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