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Improve Your Office Feng Shui with Glass Office Walls

Naturally, we would want our office space to be pleasant, boost our mood and keep us enthusiastic throughout our workday, and the way to do this is through being mindful of Feng Shui. Having glass office walls can be a major Feng Shui booster if done right. Whether our office area is dark, cramped or lacking in an amazing view, glass walls can create essentially new work stations by making everything brighter, more spacious and more attractive. Whether it’s ordering panel based workstations with glass walls, choosing an office building that already has them or just renovating private offices to include them, there is always a way to incorporate glass walls into our work area.
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Lightly tinted or clear glass walls are great options. For those of us who want some privacy, decorative tinting may be just what you’re looking for. Having glass walls within the office ensures Feng Shui is alive and well in our work area, so explore what will work best for your particular needs.


Liven up the scenery with artwork, appealing office furniture and organization. One of the main features office furniture decorators use is subdued colors. This doesn’t mean they are unpleasant, but rather they are neutral. This probably is for our own safety so that we don’t get overly excited and make the wrong business deal or just decide to skip out of work altogether and have fun for the rest of the day. Office furniture colors, for instance, are usually tan, beige, white, cream, teal or a light rust color. See? These colors aren’t drab just grounding. You will notice that black is not heavily used. The chairs may be partially black, but that’s about it. Extra Office Interiors sells commercial business furniture and its design, management and installation solutions. We can take a bare, new office and get it outfitted with a pleasant setup that includes everything from desks, tables and chairs to glass dividers, architectural glass walls and more.


Live plants can keep a place feeling lively and add more living things to a building atmosphere. They do wonders placed in the center of an area or above in a room, such as above desks or cabinets, or alongside a walkway.

Decals and Lighting

Decals are cool, trendy and add a design element to glass or plain walls without creating a closed off or stuffy atmosphere. Lighting is another important aspect. Lights should be soft but more than adequate. If there is not enough natural lighting in an area at specific times of day, then we should make sure lights are available to be turned on and off when necessary.

Fresh air is important as well. Air conditioning usually takes care of this problem, but if it is our own personal office, then there is nothing wrong with having our favorite potpourri or air freshener. Just keep it light. A citrus scent like orange mixed with spices can be really uplifting and help us focus. It’s also important that the sounds are pleasant. Doors shouldn’t squeak or slam when let go of, and chairs shouldn’t creak when being used or rolled around.

Being mindful of the power of Feng Shui in an office is important, even if it’s just a little. The use of glass office walls can be the perfect finishing touch to pull the whole office together. Incorporate live plants, perfect lighting and scenery into the mix and your office will be feeling like a perfectly balanced atmosphere.
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