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Home Ideas to Incorporate in the Office Space

Design trends are always adapting to fit business needs, and organizations are focusing on employee culture more than ever before. The right office design does more than make your workspace look fabulous, it can improve productivity and boost morale. Implementing home design ideas in the workplace creates an inviting space that encourages teamwork.

Unconventional Work Areas

Google is known for its unique workplace environment. Nap pods and bean bag chairs welcome people to gather together in a way that heightens creativity.

We have our most inspired ideas when our minds aren’t focused on the task at hand. That’s why we often have “Aha” moments in the shower or get an epiphany while we’re driving. Creating spaces in the office that allow employees to get comfortable and unwind can increase the likelihood that they’ll come up with your next million-dollar idea.

Open plan workspaces can help your office look less like a maze of cubicles and more like a gathering space. This can spark collaborative communication and enhance cooperation.

Dynamic Spaces

Have you ever noticed that when you move furniture around in your home, you see your space in a whole new way? Rearranging your furniture is refreshing; it gives you new ideas and helps you be more innovative.

Movable and adjustable workspaces are also becoming trendy. Lightweight furniture with wheels can be moved around for meetings and conferences.

Open Seating

When you gather with friends, do you prefer lounging on the couch or sitting at a desk? Arranging the seating in your office the way that you would at home can increase collaboration. Spaces with comfortable sofas and end tables remove barriers between people.

You can balance the need for privacy with a culture of sharing by installing architectural glass walls. Doing this establishes that same open floor plan that is becoming popular in modern home design.

Office Design Services

Traditional commercial office furniture is often chosen with a narrow function in mind. Employees need a surface on which to rest their computer and a chair to sit on. However, they may feel more included and empowered if they can tailor their office space to their preferences. Try thinking about lighting and color as well!

An office that feels like home will encourage employees to stick around. Homestyle comfort is becoming more important as millennials enter the workforce and research points to hands-on involvement as a benefit to your bottom line. Extra Office Interiors is a one-stop shop for all of your office design needs. We can help you plan and finance your project to optimize your workspace. We rely on modern, high-end, flexible aesthetics to bring a sense of comfort and ease to your space. Our experienced staff serves large and small businesses in New York, New Jersey, the Northeast, and the Mid-Atlantic states.

Don’t guess about what it takes to optimize your work atmosphere with quality commercial business furniture. You can rely on our extensive interior design knowledge to make your workspace what it should be.

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