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How Furniture Color Affects Staff Productivity


Are you familiar with chromology? It’s a fascinating science! Studies show how different hues affect our minds, bodies, and attitudes. Certain colors enhance productivity while others diminish it. Let’s tour the rainbow, learning which colors are most advantageous.

Serene Blue

People associate this calming color with the sky. Blue lowers heart rate, blood pressure, and respiration. This benefit is ideal if you’re seeking office furniture in New York. Use baby blue to diffuse urban stress as well.

Soft shades of blue stimulate focus and concentration. Feature them in your analytical departments, such as Accounting, Payroll, and Finance. In your break rooms and cafeteria, light blue invites relaxation and it can also curb appetite!

Since teal aids in decision-making, use it in conference rooms. In training rooms, turquoise calms public speakers and facilitates learning. However, be sure to stay away from navy blue since it can elicit sadness.

Easy Going Green

This color brings springtime to mind. Green is rejuvenating! Kind on the eyes, it eases fatigue for those who work on computers. Its relaxing effect helps marathon staffers go the extra mile during long workdays. Promoting healing as well, utilize green if your firm is in the medical field.

Since green fosters patience, use it to welcome visitors in your lobby and reception areas. If your conference rooms tend to heat up with arguments, ease the atmosphere with green furnishings. Also, incorporate plants in your decor, bringing nature inside.

Cheerful Yellow

This upbeat color evokes joy and confidence. It also sparks creativity. Since yellow is so stimulating, it works best as an accent as too much of it can be irritating.

Add touches of yellow to common areas, where people socialize and collaborate. It promotes camaraderie in cafeterias, break rooms, hallways, lobbies, and lounges. In creative departments, it births new ideas. Professionals that benefit from yellow in the workplace are artists, designers, developers, and writers.

Energetic Red

This hue induces the opposite of blue. Red raises blood pressure, heart rate, and brain wave activity. It suits areas where employees engage in manual labor. Just don’t go overboard with red, as it can fuel aggression and anxiety as well.

Consider accenting with this color in your Mail and Receiving departments. In areas that host night staff, red is motivating, keeping them alert. You can also dabble in red where workers spend short periods of time, like restrooms and hallways. Among its many uses, red can also draw attention to objects and guide folks through your office or flag hazards.

Elegant Neutrals

Cream and beige paired with wood grain furnishings denote sophistication. Such decor befits private offices. Brown exudes richness and warmth and is complemented nicely by white. Both these colors coordinate well with more lively shades. In open plan workstations, brown desks support focused work, where white encourages conversation.

Additionally, white is expansive, making rooms feel large, clean, and uplifting. It presents an organized image. On task and conference room chairs, white invites people to take a seat and adds depth to rooms with gray and black.

Perfect Color Palette

Choose commercial business furniture in serene blue, easy going green, cheerful yellow, energetic red, and elegant neutrals. Tailor these colors to office activity, and each one will spur productivity. Be color savvy to keep your staff happy, ensuring business success!

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