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Doing More With Commercial Spaces and Office Design in New York City

Running an office is a mission in multitasking. Chief among the responsibilities that building managers and business leaders have to juggle is the need to do more using less space. Constantly plagued by the prospect of insufficient square footage and increasingly mobile workforces, modern offices are fighting to maintain the kind of freedom that inspires people to do great work every day.

What should you do to improve your use of office furniture in NYC? Here’s how the right interior can make your small office feel bigger.

Accommodate Foot Traffic

Activity overlap is among the most notorious culprits in cramped offices, and foot traffic is a major offender. For instance, many professional spaces serve multiple purposes, such as accommodating busy workers, storing computers and physical files, or providing task-oriented privacy. Since these zones are also home to workers in transit, people often feel like they’re fighting losing battles to get things done in the face of constant distractions.

You wouldn’t expect peak productivity from someone who had to set up their desk under the noisy Manhattan Bridge and work during rush hour. Why treat avoidable office distractions any differently? Use furniture like cubicles with higher panels and other solid dividers to give your staff members the personal buffers they need to do stellar work. By cutting down on visual clutter and organizing your workspace into smaller areas, you can cultivate a more effective feeling of open space.

Design for Workflow Flexibility

Want to make your enterprise truly adaptable? Being quick on your feet is all about not getting set in your ways. Take a cue from commercial office workstations, desks, and functional, minimalist furniture on how to stay limber and responsive.

Modern furniture that doesn’t overwhelm its surroundings can create more from your spaces. For instance, adding reception seating or homey, textured shelving definitely makes a statement, but these universal design elements also add personality without imposing on existing layouts. Since many well-designed contemporary pieces fit right into established plans, you can use them to build zones that accommodate different tasks and workflows. Being able to get more than one thing accomplished in a limited area is a great way to make your office seem more abundantly proportioned.

Stray Beyond the Conventional

In their quest to master office design, New York’s greatest commercial interior planners often integrate new concepts into tired spaces. By refreshing offices with more functional, dynamic furniture, they hope to motivate workers with ergonomic surroundings that respond to their needs.

From affecting ventilation airflow, to contributing to business hygiene, choices like office furniture material, placement, and sourcing can all have huge impacts on workers, customers alike. Smart interior designers use commercial office furniture to respond to relevant conditions and solve tough problems. By being willing to innovate and combine furniture from different collections, they build unique offices that achieve heightened productivity in small footprints.

How do you make your tiny office feel bigger? Let us know about any tips that we missed in the comments.

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