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Five Tips for Decorating Small Workplaces

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Today many offices are downsizing to save on rent and put that money into other areas of the company budget where it may be needed. While this can be a smart move for a company, it also presents a few challenges as far as decorating and planning the space for optimal effect. Done well, however, a well-laid out but small workspace can be a very attractive and enjoyable place that stimulates employee productivity. Here are five tips for decorating small workplaces.

Use Bold Colors to Add Interest And Energy
Small spaces can sometimes be challenging when it comes to decorating. The fact is that bold choices work well in a small space, as they add real interest and character, lending extra energy to the workspace. An accent wall in a bold color like cobalt blue, teal green or red can play wonderfully against the clean lines of well-designed commercial office furniture.

Highlight Interesting Areas In The Workspace
If the workspace has interesting details, like brick walls or areas of interest such as a skylight or vintage detailing, be sure to play those areas up while decorating. Modern commercial office workstations look fabulous when set against details from an earlier era, and they can give a small space real interest.

Consider an Architectural Glass Wall
A glass wall can open up a small space beautifully, and create the illusion of a larger space. Consider glass dividers to really bring a modern sheen to a small workspace. This will also give the entire space a more open feel where your employees will feel more comfortable and creative.

Choose Light, Clean-Looking Furniture
There’s a wealth of well-designed, great looking commercial furniture on the east coast that will give an office a light and clean feel. Not only do these types of office workstations look good, they are designed for maximum efficiency and comfort, too.

Use Open Plan Office Furniture
Older office designs often had a closed off feeling, with lots of closed doors and dark wood that indicated that a hierarchy was in place. Today’s more democratic offices are geared more towards an open feeling, which is why commercial business furniture that is designed with an open plan is so appealing.

There’s no question that a well designed office space makes all the difference in how workers feel. A small workspace can be efficient and beautiful if planned well. Knowing what works and using tips from office design services can transform a plain space into something that’s truly spectacular.

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