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5 NYC Office Design Trends that are Here to Stay

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The design and aesthetics of offices determine their appeal and the level of comfort that is available. New York City is known to be a trendsetter when it comes to design trends that continue to evolve. For those looking to transform their New York City office setting, there are a few design elements that are here to stay.

Glass Office Walls

Instead of closing off the office and making it feel cramped, glass office walls create an open environment that makes it easy to engage with other people. Glass office walls create a high-end setting that makes it easier to work as a team and spend time in a luxe setting that looks chic.

Community Tables

Extroverts can begin enjoying working at community tables, which encourages the office to work as a team and bounce ideas off of each other throughout the day. This makes it easier to interact with your colleagues and bounce creative ideas off each other. Community tables create an alliance between employees and allows everyone to work in a setting that is more relaxed than in recent decades.

Natural Elements

More offices are bringing the outdoors in with reclaimed panels that cover an accent wall or with the use of exposed concrete floors. More plants are also lining the walls, which create a natural feeling that is cozy and makes it easier to feel at home. This also includes adding water elements with small ponds or fountains that are installed, making it easier to spend all day indoors.

Lounge Areas

Designated lounge areas are becoming more common for companies that want to avoid having a rigid workspace that is intimidating and cold. This allows offices to be more comfortable and relaxing, which encourages employees to enjoy spending time in the space instead of sitting in an office chair all day at their desk alone. This also makes it easier to collaborate and work on a team for employees who can meet together in an uplifting space that will increase their productivity.


More people are understanding that offices need to have the flexibility to change due to growth. Flexible products and furniture pieces are now being utilized to make it easy to change the layout of the office within minutes if needed. Modular components can be customized to the specific needs of the office, making it easy to stack the products or combine different pieces.

Different Colors of Offices

Although offices once consisted of white and gray shades, they now feature an array of different colors to brighten up the setting and allow it to look modern. One of the latest design trends is organizing each office by a specific color, which can increase positive thinking and allow more people to feel joyful while spending time in the space. This can also boost creativity among the staff and lead to stronger relationships due to people enjoying being at the office.

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