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How To Keep Your Employees Comfortable At Work

Employees can spend up to a third of their working lives in the office. Sterile cubicles, fluorescent lights, and unappealing decor are surefire ways to leave workers feeling less-than-engaged. If your business is trying to improve overall productivity making sure your office space is comfortable can go a long way towards helping you achieve those goals.

Collaborative Spaces
One feature of a comfortable office is an open, expansive space that feels fresh and encourages connecting with others. While you might not have the funds or the ability to completely renovate your current office space, you can take cost effective steps to transform it into one that’s more comfortable for you and your staff. Open floor plans are a great place to start, or for areas where a little more privacy is needed, panel based workstations can protect conversations while keeping that airy, open feeling that’s conducive to collaboration.

Personalized Touches
Sterile workstations don’t exactly inspire creativity, nor are they particularly inviting. Adding a few personalized touches can make your employees feel more comfortable and at home. Add some easy-to-maintain plants such as pothos, spider plants, ficus and English ivy in prime locations. Not only can plants add a zen-like aura to the atmosphere, but they can even offer health benefits, including fewer headaches, healthier skin, and fewer allergy symptoms.

Full-spectrum LED lights are more pleasant for workers and can eliminate the harsh glare and annoying noises that fluorescent lights can make. If possible, situate workspaces near large windows to maximize natural light and improve your employees’ views.

Physical comfort is as important as mental comfort, which is why ergonomic furnishings should be a major consideration for your workspace. The most effective seating will be adjustable and customizable without sacrificing function or support.

Quiet Zones
Large, open spaces can stimulate collaborative work, but the amount of noise they can bring about might also be distracting to some employees. Create a quiet area that can be used for decompression, relaxation, or private work projects that will enhance the entire office. Conference rooms, multi-purpose rooms, and similar areas can offer the peace and quiet your employees need without interrupting the flow.

Last Words
Revamping your office can do more than just make it more comfortable and inviting. Your employees can enjoy better health, less stress, and greater job satisfaction when they have a positive work environment that caters to their physical and mental needs. You can reap the benefits, too, with employees who are happier, more productive, and more committed. Check out our office design services to get more fresh ideas or to schedule a consultation with a member of our design team.

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