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4 Types of Office Furniture Arrangements

Coming up with office furniture arrangement ideas is a fun endeavor! The ideal floor plan maximizes efficiency and productivity. As an extension of your brand, it portrays your company’s image. At Extra Office Interiors, we know how important it is for your office furniture arrangement to positively reflect on your business so we have provided some helpful tips so you can get impress every client and employee that walks through your doors.


Contemplating these four questions can guide your design choice:

● How can we use the floor space to promote a streamlined workflow?
● What furniture arrangement fosters easy supervision?
● What configuration facilitates equipment use?
● What floor plan will help each department function optimally?

The shape of your building will also influence your decision. Assess whether a given floor is rectangular, square, long and narrow, or shaped like an “L” or “U.”
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1. Private

Also termed a modular plan, this layout uses panels and furniture to build individual cubicles. This setup enables concentrated work and supports confidentiality. The privacy relieves some of the stress inherent in the office setting and all the components of the modular plan are moveable.

You can also opt for glass office walls, creating a bright, airy atmosphere. Above all, panel-based workstations are economical.

2. Open

In this design, all your employee workstations are in plain view. Your furniture is arranged in clean, horizontal lines, without the use of walls. Staffers can share a long table or have their own desks. Meetings are typically held in a separate conference room. Encourage brainstorming and consensus with comfortable conference furnishings.

The open plan benefits your office if employees are primarily engaged in computer-based work. It’s also perfect for a creative environment where employees consult each other. Group projects thrive in this setting, along with sales and marketing departments. The absence of walls and partitions maximizes available light. You’ll save money on the costs of electricity, heating, cooling, and construction.

An open plan is an efficient use of space as well, accommodating 50 percent more workstations than the average modular office.

3. Traditional

This layout is dictated by hierarchy. Your support staff sits outside enclosed offices that house executive staff. Partitions are optional for the outer receptionist workstations. Welcoming visitors, your lobby should be especially attractive. This is where you can make your first impression on your potential clients.

Enclosed offices help your company’s leaders concentrate, create, and reflect in a quiet atmosphere.

4. Hybrid

This design emerged recently, combining the above layouts. It gives your staff the flexibility to use various office spaces. The hybrid’s anchors are cubicles and private offices. In open, common areas, employees collaborate. Soundproof rooms enhance focused work. If you have the square footage for all its components, the hybrid is “office heaven!”

The right recycled furniture can be of high quality and backed by a lifetime warranty. While appearing pristine, the furnishings are priced at half the cost of new. You specify the fabrics and finishes. Enjoy the cost savings plus the gratification of an eco-friendly choice!

Our commercial business furniture outfits all the above floor plans. Whether you opt for private, open, traditional, or hybrid, your workers will feel appreciated. Quality furnishings show your high regard for staff and in return, they’ll work their best! We can help make all of this happen as we provide office design project management, office furniture financing, and more to make the entire remodeling process as stress-free and affordable as possible.
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Office Furniture Arrangements

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