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3 Reasons Stand Up Desks Are the Way to Go

Any medical professional will tell you that sitting for long periods of time is bad for your health. Yet, many of us rely on computers to do our jobs, which leaves us sitting anywhere from 8-10 hours a day, in addition to our commute to and from work. In recent years, the standing desk has become a popular way for office workers to combat some of the risks associated with an office job. But the workers aren’t the only ones who benefit from these ergonomic additions to commercial office workstations. A happy employee is always a stronger asset for their company. Here are three reasons why your office should jump on the standing desk trend:

Health Benefits

We all know a sedentary lifestyle is bad for metabolism and can lead to obesity, but did you know that it can also put you at risk for breast and colon cancer, diabetes, anxiety and depression, bone and joint pain, and more? Chiropractors see more patients with desk jobs than they do athletes. The American Chiropractic Association recommends you position your monitor directly parallel to your line of vision. Many employees prop their monitors up on shelves or phone books, but since most standing desks are adjustable, they allow for the ideal placement. The act of standing itself improves blood flow and generates energy. A standing desk may help alleviate the mid-day crash many office workers experience after several hours spent in the same position; increased energy leads to increased productivity.

Increased Productivity

Last year, the Texas A&M Health Science Center School of Public Health published the results of a research study that showed a 46 percent increase in productivity when employees were given a standing desk. Having the option to stand or sit as needed improves focus and cognitive reasoning, and decreases the discomfort that may hinder performance as the day goes on. Also, allowing for movement cultivates a freedom mindset wherein employees are more confident in their work and thus more likely to strive to live up to their fullest potential. After all, to stand is to act.


In an office filled with floor to ceiling cubicles, it’s easy to feel small. Psychology links height with power and an elongated profile with elegance. If your office sees clients on a regular basis or you’re at all concerned with public perception of your interior design, you might want to consider investing in standing desks for your building. The streamlined design of a quality stand up desk can easily transform your aesthetic from average to unforgettable. Many conventional offices would benefit from this modern touch.

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