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3 Office Furniture Staple Pieces

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An office should project professionalism and innovation as well as serving you, the person working there, efficiently. When it comes to office furniture, think about how it works together to create a cohesive workspace and pleasant environment. Choose furniture that reflects your style as well as your fiscal responsibility. Entering your office is everyone’s first impression of your business. That impression should communicate your values as a business and clearly state how you’re ahead of competitors.


Typically this is a desk, but modern office furniture design takes us above and beyond the traditional desk. They combine the best elements of desk, filing cabinets, and credenzas. The Friant Dash 1 design, for example, features voluminous desk space, ample storage, and computer space, within a minimally obstructive and contemporary look. A workstation where everything is reachable combined with a quality office chair offers lumbar support in the lower back preventing excess strain and pain is ideal.


Seating may be the most important office furniture staple. Your chair needs to be comfortable and ergonomic, but it doesn’t stop there. It’s also about where associates sit when in your office. Guest seating needs to be comfortable, in style with the rest of the space, and not disruptive to move around. The multipurpose and stackable chairs are easily moved when in and out of use. There are designs and patterns as well for matching your office style whatever it may be.


Shelving is an essential part of any office design. Whether you use it to store reference books or display certifications and qualifications, bookshelves and other office shelving provide additional space and storage. Modern workstations include customizable shelving so that you can choose what fits your needs best. Apart from the workstation, many offices will need additional bookshelves and stand-alone shelving. Consider stackable bookcases or cube units for adding storage to difficult or cramped spaces. Glass shelves will keep a space from seeming cluttered and closed off, plus add a contemporary look.

Get what you want from quality office furniture while projecting the utmost in professionalism. Invite employees in to talk with seating and additional tables. Reduce stress with natural lighting that can shift to your preference. Take care of your body with well-crafted furniture that prevents unnecessary straining, twisting, or reaching. With these tips in mind when shopping for office furniture in New York or elsewhere, you’ll end up with a great design that suits your needs and the needs of your business. Remember not to sacrifice on style when companies like Extra Office Interiors can deliver on all of the above.

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