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Tips To Keep Everyone In The Office Motivated


Office managers in every industry struggle with motivating their employees. To their benefit, there are thousands of ways to motivate a workforce to achieve more on a daily basis. The hard part is finding the right tactics to employ! So, here are a few proven methods to get the job done:

Employ a Unique Open Floor Plan

Study after study has proven that open floor plans that are not dominated by cubicles increase productivity and employee satisfaction. Taking down partition walls and throwing some plants into the mix can do wonders for morale. For the best results, consider using employee input to guide your floor plan design decisions.

Optimize Your Interior Lighting Scheme

There’s no denying that the quality of light that people are exposed to has an impact on productivity. Consequently, it makes sense to invest in lighting solutions that boost positivity. Use LED lights with cool color temperatures and natural light from south-facing windows to improve the moods of employees.

Offer a Variety of Furniture Options

Nowadays, productive professionals expect to pick their hardware when it comes to office furniture. You can make motivated employees happy in no time by giving them flexible commercial office workstations that suit their needs. Fortunately, there’s plenty of great commercial office furniture options out there at amazing prices.

Develop an Anonymous Feedback System

Office workers who feel like their opinions are valued, are often more productive than those who don’t. Anonymous digital feedback tools like Officevibe, TINYpulse and Polly allow employees to voice their concerns to supervisors without fear. Ultimately, the feedback gathered from employees can easily boost a company’s bottom line.

Recognize Excellence With Periodic Awards

Nothing spurs employees into action like the prospect of winning an enticing prize for superior work. Hand out a monthly award to a superlative team member based on some criteria of productivity. Anything from a weekend stay at a local resort to a modest cash bonus will work wonders.

Hold Regular Meetings With the Entire Staff

Employees who feel like they’re working in a messy area often sink into productivity funks that are hard to escape. Meetings that include the whole roster allow workers to establish better relationships with colleagues. The stronger sense of friendship that should result from company-wide meetings often boosts productivity.

Take Time Out for Team-Building Exercises

Groups of people who tackle challenges together are far more likely to support each other and collaborate as one. Participating in a company softball team is a great way for office workers to blow off steam and forge strong bonds with peers.

Scoring Excellent Furniture for Your Office

Office managers throughout the greater New York City area have a lot of options when it comes to quality furniture. Extra Office Interiors has been offering office design services to corporations throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions for over 30 years. Contact us today to see what we can do for your office!

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