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Which Office Cubicle Design Best Fits Your Company?

Whenever you think of an office cubicle, the rectangular or square office comes to mind. These spaces have some floor to ceiling cubicles and geometrical walls that segregate each area. Other than the shared walkways and hallways, these offices have nothing else in common. While this layout helps to improve the privacy, it does not achieve much in terms of encouraging your employees to collaborate. In most cases, the compartments create isolated working spaces that stifle creativity while discouraging teamwork and collaboration. This type of a rigid office design often translates to a bland working space.

Creativity in Office Design

For some lucky employees and managers, the monotonous cubicles are long gone. These employers have since realized that innovative cubicles can motivate employees; they are looking to develop eye-catching areas that have a positive effect on creativity. Most of the renowned companies in the world hire the best architects to design attractive offices and commercial office furniture to fuel the creativity of their employees. When it comes to office design, the following concepts can help to develop some tranquil themes that stimulate the mind:

Curvilinear Shapes

By taking advantage of curvilinear shapes, you can maximize the available space. In fact, you can convert the entire office to a large cubicle that accommodates every employee. There are lots of ways to define space within the cubicles to create a custom working solace for all. Some companies do not have specific working stations for their employees. Since the workers can access their computers remotely, they can work from any station. This concept encourages impromptu collaborations that have a positive impact on creativity and productivity.

Murals and Plants

Murals can also have a positive effect on innovation. If you do not have enough space to introduce plants in the office, you can consider using murals and wallpapers to display any images you desire. Your choice of murals should relate to the nature of your work. Indoor plants introduce freshness to rejuvenate the mind. Since indoor plants purify the air, you can take advantage of their natural qualities to keep your indoor environment clean and fresh. In addition, plants add immense beauty and can encourage productivity as well.

Common Spaces

While creating isolated working spaces is important for some organizations, there could be a need for a common area for recreation, dining, or brainstorming. An informal working space that encourages every employee to contribute can help solve problems that arise. Introducing a curvy working space that has lots of office plants, and modern furniture is a great way to motivate your employees. Being creative in the lightingcan also have a positive impact on your output. Be sure to choose the commercial business furniture that suits the unique shape and style of your office cubicle.

Keep these ideas in mind as you reimagine the furniture and layout of your place of work. Determine the most effective and aesthetically pleasing ways to best fit your company.

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