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By Design – A Quick Guide To Setting Up Cubicles And Office Spaces

Mack-Cali, Commercial Business Furniture NJ, NJ officeSetting up an office is easy, right? Find and rent a suitable space, buy a couple of cubicles, some furniture and office equipment, and you’re done. Well, not exactly — especially if you are after optimal productivity in the workplace.

While office design is not exactly rocket science, business owners must deftly balance aesthetics with function and even cost in order to come up with an office design layout that boosts productivity and fosters creativity. After all, you and your employees will spend a great portion of your waking lives there.

The current trend now favors the use of open spaces in order to foster collaboration and mentoring as well as to increase response times. However, this type of office layout may not work for all organizations.

The best workaround for this would be to bring together the best aspects of both closed and open office spaces. For example, you can allocate a section of your space and opt for a more open layout. Then, you can allocate another portion for tasks that require concentration. Make sure to equip this space with all the necessary equipment your employees will need.

Business organizations should also keep in mind the particular set of tasks an employee performs and make his or her specific space or cubicle flexible for his or her needs. For example, the space of a graphic designer should be able to accommodate multiple computer screens while those for managers should be able to comfortably accommodate team members for meetings. If you have employees who telecommute or perform the bulk of their tasks outside, you can set aside a universal space fitted with office equipment which can double as conference rooms.

But apart from the layout, business owners should also be mindful of the furniture and equipment their employees use. For example, being mindful of the type of office chairs used by the employees, desk heights, and the type of computer peripherals used in an office can have an effect on your employees over time. By taking a serious look at ergonomic design, you are investing in the long-term productivity of your workers.

When it comes to setting up your office space, function always takes precedence over style. While your office provides ample opportunities for branding, productivity, creativity, and yes, even comfort, functionality should always take precedence over other factors. Things like wall colors and decors can easily be added and tweaked at a later time.

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