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Are Cubicles Right For Your Office Space


According to a December 2017 Forbes article, about 70 percent of U.S. offices have open-space designs. Many of these companies followed trends that were set by tech giants such as Apple, Google, and Infosys in hopes of creating collaborative workspaces that would lead to greater productivity. After years of data collection, organizational behavior analysts found that the average U.S. office isn’t more productive because of open-space work areas. Open-space offices often facilitate distractions, office politics, and chaos. We’ve compiled a brief list of reasons why your company should get reacquainted with cubicles.

Cubicles Imply Trust

No matter how much your company’s human resources manager praises shared work areas for collaboration purposes, we know that workers still see them as barriers to privacy. A company that doesn’t allow private work areas, sends its employees a message of distrust. Extra Office Interiors is the leader in corporate space planning and furniture sales in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. For companies that make talent retention a high priority, we offer design consultations and make suggestions such as glass walls and our panel-based workstations.

Cubicles Support Highly Analytical Tasks

While the shared workspace culture promotes brainstorming and ideation among certain application designers and developers, many employees need quiet areas to work on complex tasks. Network architects, financial analysts, and actuaries are just a few workers who need private work areas. At Extra Office Interiors, we use our extensive design experience and innovative software to create smart office spaces that align with your company’s strategic goals, mission, and culture.

Cubicles Offer a Sense of Job Security

We’ve furnished many open-space work areas, office cubicles, and private offices over the years. Our designers notice that employees tend to add more personal touches to cubicles and private offices than open-space areas. Besides giving you invaluable insight into what motivates specific workers in your organization, private work areas make workers feel more secure. Employees know that they are valued members of a team when their company allows them to personalize their workspaces. Cubicles are cost-effective and they send the message to employees that their company wants to keep them around no matter how quirky they are.

Cubicles Represent a Great Return on Investment

While a set of office cubicles in your office seem like a more expensive option than open-space workstations, they’re often the opposite. Upon closer inspection of research findings, open-space work areas result in lower productivity and higher callout rates due to illnesses. When we look at worker well-being, we conclude that cubicles like our Friant models offer wonderful flexibility and a great return on investment.

You don’t have a cookie-cutter business, so it makes sense that you shouldn’t settle for a generic office space. At Extra Office Interiors, we can help you to make the most of your corporate square footage with innovative layouts, workstations, and seating!

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