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Why Designing an Office Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

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As anyone who has worked in the field of environmental psychology knows, a space is never just a space. All of its colors, decorations, and furnishings tell a story about who a person is and what they value. However, this concept doesn’t just apply to a person’s home. Businesses need to focus on it as well because their office environment effects an employee’s mood and health. What this essentially means is that whenever a company wants to be sure that their employees stay happy, productive, and motivated, they have to work hard to come up with an office design that makes them feel comfortable while still reflecting the company’s brand. Luckily, by using the following tips, this process doesn’t have to be as difficult as it sounds.

Consider Office Comfort
Simple details, like adjustable chairs and sturdy desks that allow room for the legs to shift easily underneath, make all the difference to a person who has to work for hours at a time at their office workstation. So, it is very important to consider these features when choosing the comfortable commercial business furniture that is going to be used in the office design. It is also important to look at the lighting and the position of the air vents above an area. For example, an employee who has poor eyesight may prefer to have their desk set underneath an overhead light. Similarly, a person who tends to stay cold all the time might not want to sit too close to places where the air conditioning blows harshly.

Remember Furniture Design Functionality
Each employee’s job can be made much easier if their commercial office furniture from Extra Office Interiors is arranged in a way that considers what the tasks they have to complete each day are. Take for instance a salesperson who spends all their time on the phone. For them, it would be most helpful to be seated at a desk in a distant cubicle that allows them a quiet area where they can hear better. A receptionist, however, would need to have their desk positioned directly in the front of a room with their shelving and filing cabinets set on either side of it. That way, they would always be facing forward to greet the customers that come through the door.

Offer Office Privacy Stations
Open office designs have become very popular because of the overwhelming amount of research data that proves that they increase collaboration and communication between employees. However, there will be times when each employee needs to work on a project by themselves, and they can do this best when they have a flexible work area that offers some privacy. An example of how this can be applied to office interiors, is to offer both cubicles and a large table with plenty of chairs around it. That way, groups of employees can sit together to talk or they can return to their work areas when they need to have a quiet area to focus better.

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